Darvocet lawsuit?

Back in 2010, attorney's were advertising for people to come forward who were harmed by the Acetaminophen laden narcotic, that was manufactured by the Eli Lilly co. then taken over by Zanadine pharmaceuticals, Darvocet. This drug had been determined to provide very little pain relief, and was causing heart arrhytmias, some of which were fatal. Suddenly it disappeared, and I am pretty sure no settlement was arrived at, nor any injured party compensated. What I want to know is what happened there, if, and how was it swept under the rug?

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  • 6 years ago
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    I can't find a settlement either - but the class is very large, so it isn't all that unusual. Judge's often order a lengthy period of time to sign up members of the class.

    Here is the things with class actions: The lawyers get the millions and the people in the class get very little money. Like less than 100 dollars money. From time to time there is a larger pay out in these sorts of things, but only to the estate of the people who died from the bad drug.

  • 6 years ago

    Well you can bet the lawyers got paid huge dollars but you are right I never heard anything of the outcome either.

    Probably after the lawyers got their millions there was nothing left for the plaintiffs

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