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How to sleep better at night?

I'm 13 and i think i have insomnia. I can't fall asleep when i'm tired and usually takes me a long time to sleep. I also never feel rested or refreshed after i wake up, and i also wake up early in the morning, even on holidays. I also wake up every night and feel tiredness during the day. I had leukemia when I was 8 and have been in remission for about 2 years. I've been to a sleep doctor before, but they told me its about anxiety, which I hardly believe, the only thing I'm worried about is this stupid sleep problem. What should I do?

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    Most sleeping problems are probably caused by stress, depression, anxiety and worry.

    Sleeping pills can give you bad side effects such as headaches and drowsiness during the day so you are better off without them.

    To sleep better just relax and switch off, if you can.

    If you are having trouble switching off at bedtime some light exercise (for example, push ups or sit ups) at bedtime often helps you to relax, unwind and switch off and that often improves your sleep. Strenuous exercise at bedtime is likely to ruin your sleep.

    Common OTC sleep aids include Chamomile tea, 5-HTP, Melatonin and Valerian Root.

    Sleep enhancing foods include warm milk, turkey, cherries, oatmeal, bananas, wine and others as in

    You can see further tips in which tells you "how to fall asleep and stay asleep".

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    Don't ever take the sleeping pills route!!

    1. They will damage your liver big time and you can get into serious health problems.

    2. You will get hooked up on them and you won't be able to have a normal life any more if you don't take your pills everyday.

    The sleeping pills industry is damaging our health by capitalizing on our ignorance, and by distracting people from effective and natural ways to deal with this problem. I had been taking prescription sleep medications [Ambien] for over 5 years. It stopped working and I simply took more. Still did not work. Nights were very difficult - medication put me to sleep but I would wake up after 2–3 hours with a strong sympathetic response (fast pulse, pounding heartbeat, wide awake alert). It was a very difficult cycle to break. I was really in bad shape due to lack of sleep.

    After years of struggling I was able to cure my insomnia naturally and pretty fast. I followed the Sleep Tracks sleep optimization program, here is their official web -site if you want to take a look:

    Ohhh..and Good Luck!

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    if you have insomnia, you can visit this site and grab a solution for you.



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