I cannot access my yahoo email?

It states on the MAIL icon that I have 7 emails, but I cannot access them

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  • 6 years ago
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    I can't access it either and I have 3 browsers Chrome = blank screen, Explorer = site under maintenance or server error messages, and FireFox = nothing other than the web page is unavailable has been this way since I got home from work at 4:00 this afternoon and still is now at 8:30 (almost). Tried calling Yahoo = Fail almost 30 minutes on hold then it hung up, I tried a message on Yahoo help after I figured out what to do = nothing but a message that says wait 8 hours for reply. Tried Yahoo Customer care on FB = Fail and over 1,100 other letters with the same problems.

    I will wait until in the morning and see but I suspect the site/server has crashed.

    I can access yahoo mail on my phone but thats somewhat annoying.

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  • 6 years ago

    I cant access either the mail server must be down.

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  • Sippa
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    6 years ago

    I can't either. Looks like the site is down.

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