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6 week lab puppy (need help)?

I wasn't supposed to get my puppy for another two weeks, but his mom has suffered a bad injury and the breeders want us to take him asap. Leaving him there is NOT an option, and I completely acknowledge that a puppy shouldn't be given away until 8 weeks - please no lectures. Anyway, I'm pretty nervous because I've seen TONS of people say that taking a puppy home at 6 weeks is a sure way of having a disruptive puppy with behavioral issues. The biggest thing people talk about is socialization and bite inhibition, so I'd like some advice on how to handle those. I'm enrolling him in puppy kindergarten and he'll start after he's had a couple shots, which should help with some parts of socialization, but I'm not so sure how to handle bite inhibition. I'll be getting him a trainer in a few weeks, but as this is pretty sudden I'm not completely prepared. I will ONLY use positive reinforcement methods, so please don't recommend anything that doesn't coincide with that philosophy. Any advice is really appreciated!!

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    Take your puppy to the vet right away to make sure you know how to feed him properly.

    Here is a wonderful video by the famous Ian Dunbar that your whole family should watch:


    For the videos below that don't come up, just click on the words "YouTube" and it will take you right to the video.

    House training a puppy or rescue dog (Kikopup)


    Youtube thumbnail

    How dogs learn (Sophia Yin)


    Youtube thumbnail

    Most important things to teach – no mugging (Kikopup)


    Youtube thumbnail

    Treat speed


    Youtube thumbnail

    First things to teach and what to avoid (Kikopup)


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    How to train your puppy not to bite (Kikopup)


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    How to train a puppy to stop biting (Zak George)


    Youtube thumbnail

    If you go to Youtube and do a search for Kikopup, and one for Zac George, you will find many more wonderful videos showing you fun ways to teach anything you want. Both of these trainers are great. The key is kindness, patience, practice and making it fun for you and your dog.

    How to train your dog to be left alone (Kikopup)


    Youtube thumbnail

    Expect your puppy to cry at night in the crate for a week or two, especially with him being so young. Earplugs are cheap at the drugstore! Once you put him in the crate for sleep (right after he's done his last potty for the night) don't take him out or pay attention to him untill time to get up. At his tender age he may have to go potty after six hours. Seven hours at age seven weeks. Eight hours at eight weeks.

    This will show you what you need to be aware of:

    Puppies Taken from Litter Too Soon Develop Behavior Problems


    That should get you off to a great start.

    Enjoy your new puppy!

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    Your need to get some puppy milk for one to keep it in good health the vet can give you some names of good ones .

    The biting you will see when you get him or her you maybe lucky and not be a problem .if it bites and its hard mouthing then you will have to show it that it hurt by putting him away from you or stop playing with it . So it knows that if he or she does it you will not take it and it loses the play time there pack animals so wont like it and will stop doing it once it understands bites mean no you .

    You dont need to hit a dog to tell it off just take you away .

    but as you will be new mum your pup will probably br more of a baby in life but mine is and he is very happy dog all the time . Good luck

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    its ok to take the puppy away at 6 weeks and by that time the puppy is weaned and doesnt need milk you will be ok

    trust me

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