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Why do patriotic Americans insist USA is THE best country?

This is a great country no doubt, but perfect? The best? Hardly. I come from an immigrant family from a horrible communist country, so yes I see that the USA is a lot better than so many third world countries, but I also see the many flaws we have, one of the biggest being arrogance and greed..

We lack DESPERATELY in healthcare, not only are we like the only developed nation to make you PAY for it, instead of having it covered by tax like police, roads and MILITARY (which 'Publicans love to support) but we lag so behind in healthcare, we're only two spaces above Cuba, where I was born. And even Cuba has the decency to not make it's people pay for it.

We have high obesity rates, high cancer rates, high consumption of overly processed junk food.

It's still a racist country though we've come along way, there's still a huge bias and double standard to blacks when it comes to many things, ESPECIALLY the justice system. A white rich boy in Texas killed 4 people drunk driving and that judge gave him probation, meanwhile a black kid killed one person and got (rightfully) sent to prison, but the white kid got a slap on the wrist and no dessert.

It's an environmental mess, we're controlled by big oil corporations which are poisoning our fresh water and our Gulf.

People here are too religious, and it's holding us back. Religious views are fine but people push them to the laws which isn't right. It's holding back science by not teaching evolution, and it's holding back human rights by not allowing gays to marry. Also people still circumcise baby boys, which the rest of the world looks back as outdated and barbaric, but people cling to old 19th century beliefs.

There's an obsession with guns in this country. Don't get me wrong, I don't think banning guns is logical, people gotta hunt and you gotta protect your family/self. But people here have like a gun FETISH and it's kinda scary how some people are so passionate about the right to a weapon, but not about the right to marry whoever you love.

Education, no comment needed.

There's the opportunity to get rich but there's also the opportunity to get SCREWED by the rich. It's a corporations paradise, not an individual's. The income gap is huge and we give too much importance to money and as a result, to much power to these millionaire criminals. It's the ugly and tyrannical side of capitalism.

I still love this country, I wouldn't die for it because it's too corrupt to die for in my opinion, only people I'd die for is my family. It's a beautiful country with a corrupt government. People say "Have you been anywhere else? America's the best" Yes I have, I been in Cuba and Mexico and YES America is better than those places, but what makes it better than Canada, Switzerland, England, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway? There's more to the rest of the world than Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Some countries have more liberties than us believe it or not, we have so many things banned here.

Don't gimme that crap that European countries lack freedom or happiness because you don't see Swedes, Germans and Brits flocking here in droves, they may have long time ago but not anymore. This is still a great country with opportunities and plenty to offer, but I'd rather live in other countries than in some of our states. I'd def rather be in Holland than Mississippi or Texas. The best US states though, I'd rather be there than anywhere else, but in the rest? Much to be desired. This is a great country but government is corrupt and people are blinded and led to believe that socialism is the EVILEST thing, and that capitalism is PURE and perfect, when in reality both need a balance for a good system to work.

So why do people still insist that this country is the BEST, let alone in the top 5 when we have so many problems? If you tell me "You can become rich" that isn't a very good reason, and seems greedy. Our country has an obsession with materials and wealth without putting importance to what really matters.

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    7 years ago
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    think about the question you've asked; the answer is self-evident. they're Americans...and patriotic at the same time. therefore, reasonably speaking, what would lead you to think that they would regard any country other than their own as the "best?" if you're American and feel there are other countries that are better, instead of going on about all that is "wrong" with America, what are you doing, in your part to make it better? try focusing on that, instead

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    7 years ago

    This is far too long a post. Most people are not going to read the whole thing.

    It is normal for people to prefer their country to others. There's nothing strange about that. As someone who has traveled extensively and lived abroad, I know that other people are patriotic about their own nations even as they may grouse about this or that problem. I do not hear Americans claim, uncritically, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the US, but you may be socializing with people different from the ones I know. However, recognizing problems does not preclude patriotism, it does not mean that you can't still think your country is best.

    You seem to be suggesting that Americans should all sit around constantly reciting a litany of what's wrong with the US. That's really quite unrealistic. In formal discussions by scholars and other pundits, one can expect trenchant analysis of what's wrong with the US and how the country could be improved, but from the average American in an informal context? Of course not.

    Precisely because I HAVE traveled and lived abroad, I know from experience that I would not choose to live elsewhere, problems notwithstanding. That doesn't mean I'm some sort of fool or moron, merely that the positive things about the US balance out the negatives in my view, and I can't say that about some other nations with which I've had experience.

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    7 years ago

    Well son, that's why they are *patriotic* Americans. Instead of looking at the whole picture, they single out the good part of America, compared them to the worst situation they can find, and by comparison on that one factor, America *does* look like the best. It a bit of propaganda.

    I'm friends with a Japanese family, and I visit them every summer. In the '80s, my friend's father was still alive. He was an old school, WWII veteran, "Japan is the greatest nation on earth," kind of guy. He didn't like me because I was American, and he would tell me everything that America does wrong, that when you compare to Japan, they do right. Later in private, my father would apologize for his father, but I conceded he had good points. While Japan is not the greatest country, (I don't think any country is), he was right when he pointed out their superior transportation system, their education, and their healthcare

    That's what patriots do: they single out the good parts of their country, and compare it to those are that are less then stellar.

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    7 years ago

    Maybe because it is the second nation of God, found across the " glassy sea" whose alabaster cities gleam...

    It may not be as perfect as the song says, but it appeared that way to those who came here 1860-1939.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Those Americans know nothing about the world.

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