Cant Access mail settings?

The tools menu doesnt have a settings on it, and I cannot access my emails (have already asked a question about this and it was suggested to switch my emails to basic view). I have no settings that I can find to change my email settings at all. When trying to access my emails it comes up with the blue banner of the new version of the inbox then within 5 secs hits the error page. Im in AUS so there is apparently no number to call to get this sorted (has been going on for months luckily its not my main email system). Have tried, Chrome, IE (11 and cant install earlier versions), Safari, Firefox, IOS (iPhone) and a few different computers all together so its definitely not cookies or my computer settings.


When clicking on the gear I do NOT have a settings menu, I only have account info, help, suggestions and feedback. Is there another way I can somehow access the settings? has anyone got a weblink to it?

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    Some of this is probably a repeat, but I will give it to you anyway.

    For those that have been changed to the

    Newest format the below links will help

    somewhat. For what it does not cover

    you can ask specific questions to receive

    an answer.

    If you are using the Full Version format ALL of your emails

    are on one page...You just have to scroll down to see them.



    Once the change has occurred

    to your email format you cannot change it other than

    switching to the Basic Format.

    Hover your pointer over the GEAR...upper right...

    while in the INBOX on on


    Place a check mark left of SAVE.

    NOTE: This format normally operates faster than the Full

    Featured format.

    If you decide on this format some features will be




    If you like only so many emails per page...use the Basic


    I do not see where you can determine how many per page, but

    will have 25 or 50 per page (that is what I have) AND you will

    have page OPTIONS. Some users have indicated they can

    access their account to change how many per page, but I do

    not have it.. I say 25 or 50 per page because I have more

    than one email account..One of them has 25 per page..

    the other has 50 per page....I have no idea why this happens.

    In addition, to move from one page forward/backward click

    on the single arrow on either side of the page number..upper

    right. Clicking on the double arrow wil send you back to

    the start or end depending on which double arrow you click on.


    This HELP link is specifically about CONTACTS

    in the Newest email page change

    This Yahoo help link explains most issues with Attachments

    For your convenience this link is an overview of the recent

    changes to the email page. Many help links within.


    Tabs is now back..


    If you only see 5 or 6 emails in your inbox and when

    you open an email it will be displayed below the

    list of emails in your inbox and want to go back to

    the full view in your inbox hover your pointer over

    the GEAR...upper right...while in the INBOX view.

    click on SETTINGS, then VIEWING EMAIL..scroll

    down to PREVIEW on the down arrow..

    click on NONE...then SAVE.You can also go back

    and forth by clicking on VIEW above your inbox

    emails. It is in the drop down menu.


    EMAILS....deleting one and "show the next email "OR

    "Go back to the original folder". Going back to the

    original folder should be used if you do not want to

    open up the next email automatically. Useful if the

    next one happens to be Spam.

    Those options are available by hovering your pointer

    over the GEAR...upper on SETTINGS...

    click on VIEWING EMAIL....and going down to

    "After moving a message". Clicking on the down

    arrow at the end of the box will bring up the other

    option...when on SAVE.


    To display the options you can get by SORT BY

    DATE in the Older format do the following. Hover

    the pointer over the GEAR...upper right while in

    the INBOX view.... Click on on



    if any, check marks to

    the left of Enable Conversations/Show snipets...

    click SAVE when done.

    Now when your inbox is displayed click on VIEW

    above your emails on the right side to bring up the

    drop down menu with those options.

    NOTE; to place the check marks to the left of Enable

    Conversations/show snipets.. click on VIEWING EMAIL. the check mark in the box left of Enable on SAVE.

    You should do this so when you click on VIEW

    above the emails the drop down menu will be

    mostly different and you will know the

    different options and how to access the different views.

    NOTE; leaving the check mark to the left of

    Enable Conversations/show snipets will

    change the format as follows.


    When your inbox email list is displayed you will

    see part of the text following the Subject matter.


    When you Reply/Forward an email the original

    text will be ABOVE your added text.


    When you send/receive messages you may

    see "ME" instead of your email address in your

    Inbox and Sent folders when observing your

    emails.NOTE: your recipients will see your

    FROM name in the inbox and your email address

    when they open up the email...not "ME"...


    If you receive more than one message with

    the same SUBJECT you might end up with one

    email displayed with a numeral after the senders

    names indicating how many you have. If you have

    different senders for the same subject all of the

    Senders will be listed.


    I still have not figured out how to change the

    SUBJECT when you forward/reply to an email..Until

    that is solved you will have to remove the check

    marks as described above to go to the other format.


    When u continue to have a particular problem u

    sometimes have to switch browsers

    This Yahoo link displays the latest versions of IE and MacIntosh

    browsers that work best with Yahoo

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