Abec 7 vs. Abec 5?


I am getting some new roller blades which cost the same but have different bearing,One is ABEC 5 and the other one is ABEC 7.Whats the difference?And I am going to buy from a company Softboot.Is it known or Good?Specifications:

1.Features: Shell- Hard shell combined with a soft boot upper liner Chassis- Aluminum Wheel- 76/80*24 PU CASTING Inner soft boot- Leather plus mesh Bearing- ABEC-7 CHROME

2.Sturdy construction and trendy design Comfortable padded liner Mesh for better ventilation Aluminum chassis 82A PU cast wheels 72x24mm for #38-39 78x24mm for #40-45 ABEC-7 bearings

Thanks in advance.

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  • 7 years ago
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    The ABEC rating of the bearings is about the last thing to think about when getting skates. It is an industrial specification about vibration at speed that would be over 200mph on most skates. It was important when it was a choice between ABEC rated bearings and early non-ABEC bearings that were horrible. The difference between ABEC numbers is much smaller than the differences in the lubrication in the bearings.

    Softboot is an unknown company. These sound like discount store skates that are purchased by the store based on price. For quality, you would need to look at the skates. The biggest problem with skates by unknown companies is that it can be impossible to replace the brake block when it wears out.

    Very little to go on. Almost all skates have soft upper boots.

    Aluminum frames are better than plastic ones.

    The wheels are a bit small. I generally don't recommend smaller ones than 80mm. When you replace them (they have standard mounting so you can use any brand) there are better wheels available in 80mm and larger. Most skates now have markings on the frame for the largest wheel you can put on them.

    All skate wheels are PolyUrethane.

    The wheels spec on skate one could be a problem. It lists two diameters 76 and 80mm. It could be that the size is dependent on the boot size (not usually the case on good skates) or it could indicate that it comes with small front wheels and larger back wheels. Multiple sizes mean that you cannot rotate the wheels as well to even out the wear and make it harder (from some vendors) to get replacements since you need four of each size.

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