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What is the best path to land a job on a tactical response unit?

I'm 19 years old and currently hold an Associates degree in Emergency Management/Homeland security, I'm also a licensed EMT-B.

My goal is to become part of some form of tactical response team (I.E. SWAT HRT SRT ETC.) I don't have much preference in what agency/department I end up in. Although the ATF has caught my attention recently.

My question is from this point should I enlist in the military, or finish a bachelors in criminology? Either way I will finish my bachelors, but I have run out of scholarship money and am frightened by the thought of having to take out loans. I have always wanted to join the military and probably would have already but I take care of my younger brother. (we grew up unaccompanied homeless youth) he is currently 17 (junior in high school) and I will support him until he leaves to college.

I also scored an 88 on the practice ASVAB and consider myself to be in very good physical condition.

What would you do if you were in my position, hypothetically?

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    Very few police departments have exclusive SWAT teams.Most cross train their officers. Attend a police academy and hopefully you'll get hired.

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