Know any universal vehicle weight reduction?

So far, my hood and trunk are aluminum, I have light weight wheels (20lbs or 50% lighter than stock), and I replaced the stock spair tire & jack with lighter versions (probably only saved me 8lbs).

My to do list:

-Replace stock header ~4lbs less

-Replace exhaust ~10lbs less

-Replace crankshaft pulley (.3lbs vs 5lbs)

After all that is done I'm looking at around 46lbs less than stock, which isn't much. My goal is to lose at least 200lbs. I'm up for removing unnecessary parts, or replacing OEM stuff.

Does anyone else have some ideas?

Do you think lighter rotors make much of a difference?


So I'm adding sway bars and coilovers to the to do list thanks to Zach.

I'm trying to make my daily driver a track car as well. So yes, I'm trying to improve acceleration, braking, and handling. I'm running a 50hp wet shot as of now (don't worry, I've done tons of research to make sure my engine can handle at least double what I'm running. And I keep an eye on my afr), so I figure replacing the header along with a full exhaust kit would help out in terms of getting the most out of what I have. I also installed a strut tower brace which made a night and day difference.

Way down the line, I plan on replacing the pistons, connecting rods, rings, valve springs, etc and going the turbo route. But that's on hold until I get my backup vehicle road legal.

For my car, H&R coilovers cost ~250$, and a DC Motorsports header cost ~280$ btw

I think what my ultimate goal is to make a drivers car out of something that is the furthest from it.

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    Do you plan on racing this car? Or is it just a daily driver?

    If you plan on racing take the spare kit out all together before you go on the track. You can save a good amount of weight removing the AC compressor (15-40 lb depending on the car), or removing the back seats. The window motors is a good idea.

    However, I assume you are reducing weight to improve performance (acceleration, braking, and handling), but honestly there's a lot more stuff you can do to improve these things even more than just weight reduction. Depending on your budget, get a quality set of sway bars and/or coilover springs and your car with handle better than dropping 500 lb, and it'll also improve braking and acceleration.

    As far as brakes, the only thing you can do is go carbon/ceramic rotors (which is crazy expensive) or aluminum calipers. Any 1-piece metal rotor that claims light weight most likely have less material which is more prone to warping. And honestly unless you plan on making some serious HP upgrades, don't mess with the headers, the amount of weight loss compared to the time and money to change headers just isn't worth it.

    If you're hardcore here's some more: remove stereo & speakers, carpeting, all dash and door panels, headliner, sound deadening, passenger seat and airbag, driver airbag and steering wheel (replace with racing steering wheel), carbon or fiberglass body panels (hood, roof, trunk, fenders) aluminum fuel cell, plexiglass windows

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