Is Ruslana right? Don't touch Ukraine Mr. Putin?

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    LET PUTIN BEWARE ...Ruslana is correct . Ukraine has a very high level of education , especially in science ,and is not comprised of uneducated shepherds .I myself read Physics amongst other subjects at Cambridge University and have a Master's degree and Senate membership of that body and MENSA membership . By pure chance , I attended the same college at the same as the former head of MI6 .

    Most people know that if a fission CHAIN REACTION , of the Hiroshima type , is sustained using neutrons alone , a fantastically expensive amount of Plutonium or Uranium 235 is required . Most people also know that an enormous amount of gamma radiation energy is released in fission in addition to and greater than the energy of the generated neutrons . Most people do NOT know that this gamma radiation can be used along with the released neutrons to sustain the chain reaction using a phenomenon known as PHOTODISINTEGRATION and that a Hiroshima size and yield bomb and collimated neutron beam can each be built for 500 pounds sterling from commonly obtainable materials bought over the counter with NO isotope concentration at all .

    Possession of full knowledge of THE PROCESS gives the small group or nation the ability to strike the aggressor on equal terms in such a way that the aggressor does not know where to retaliate . George Orwell discussed this possibility in his essay YOU AND THE ATOMIC BOMB , 60 years ago (Now on the Internet).

    Putin has made mortal enemies in Chechnya and Georgia , and now in Ukraine , Who knows where the RUSSIAN ANSCHLUSS will end ? Just one Physicist speaking openly can result in Moscow and other cities becoming heaps of red dust surmounted by the charred fragments of Man .

    Source(s): George Orwell 1945 - You and the Atomic Bomb - first published in TRIBUNE now in full on the internet . I should mention that claims have been made on the internet that I was a supposed "leading member" of a supposed "front group" for the supposed "European arm" of OPERATION GLADIO but prefer not to comment further on this .
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    Have the Russians even killed anybody?

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