Can someone please review my site.?

I want honest and brutal reviews.



The site has gone thrue some changes in the past. Originally it was books that "I" and a couple of other people have written. The other people lost interest and moved on.

So I had to adapt it a little bit.

Jake - Thank you for the point on the mrr repackaging. I'll be doing that in the future and adjusting prices too

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  • Jake
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    6 years ago
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    The We Wrote is a rather deceptive name for a plr seller, spot checking one of your $27 books, found it for more like $7 on most other sites, even free in places, you need to at least retitle and repackage the mrr stuff for which you are charging premium prices to cut down comparison shopping.

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  • 6 years ago

    Looking fine, As per the ROI need to do the more changes, add more content (healthy), choose right competitor keywords, apply white hat SEO tactics and promote your website/products (books) through social media facebook, twitter etc..

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