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Will I be able to dilute my thc levels by tomorrow?

So tomorrow I have an interview with a probation officer. I'm not on probation yet and my hearing isn't for another 5 weeks, I'm ten days sober but was an incredibly heavy smoker. I smoked an ounce of high quality and a quarter ounce of hash a day, everyday for year and a half. I've been drinking a lot of water and excercising extensively to sweat since I've got clean. I've been taking a lot of b12 and b3 since I've heard it helps. I have an incredibly fast metabolism and low body fat, (I'm 6'5 and 145) do you think he'll drug test Even though I'm not on probation? He said he just wants to introduce himself and interview me, and do you think I'll be able to get clean with in the five weeks? Much appreciated. Oh I was able to support my habit from having a close friend with a gro op and helping him out extensively.

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    The rule of thumb is even with the heaviest smokers, it takes 21-28 days to clean out your system. If its been 5 weeks (and NO cheating in between!!) you are in the clear.

    Body fat is not a significant factor (everyone has plenty of body fat -- even very slender people) and the vitamins, detox drinks and niacin, etc, is just a bunch of foolishness, in my expert opinion. Immuno-assays test very specifically for the THC molecule and ignore everything else. Pharmaceutically, it makes zero sense.

    Also, don't load up on too much water. The testers measure the specific gravity of the sample, and if it is too dilute, they will reject it out of hand anyway, under suspicion it was diluted to avoid detection (they know the game too)

    So what is your best / only weapon? Time. Gotta let it leach out of your system. So just use common sense. If you are on papers or looking for a job and know you might get tested, take a break for a while, just like you did.

    Source: I am a pharmacist

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