RHH : "Clash of the Titans" -1 , The Roots vs Wu Tang Clan ?

So here are two of the most popular and dope groups in the history of Hip Hop , so who's music do you prefer more ?

Give a brief explanation to support your answer....

Remember while comparing the 2 groups you shouldn't consider the solo albums of Wu members like OB4CL , Supreme Clientele etc. because Wu members are phenomenal as solo artists but honestly I think as a group their discography is a hit and miss kind whereas Roots are pretty solid as a group and a lot more consistent than Wu Tang.

B.Q 1 : a ) Enter the Wu Tang vs Illadelph Halflife

b) Wu Tang Forever vs Things Fall Apart

c) The W vs Do You Want More ??

d) Iron Flag vs Game Theory

e) 8 Diagrams vs How I Got Over

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    I agree The Roots are much much more consistent (mostly because they've had the same emcee and drummer throughout the years), however nothing beats Wu-Tang at their height, back when RZA was producing for the group albums and their solo sh*t, they couldn't be topped.

    1. Illadelph Halflife

    2. Wu Tang Forever

    3. Do You Want More??

    4. Game Theory

    5. How I Got Over

    ^However those last 3 are sorta unfair, it'd be closer if you included the Wu's solo albums instead.

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    Source(s): Stockpile Gems For ClashOfClans : http://clashofclans.ohfos.com/?zvV
  • The Roots. 36 Chambers is the only great Wu album. (Not including solo stuff)

    BQ1: Enter the Wu

    2) Things Fall Apart

    3) Do You Want More?

    4) Game Theory

    5) How I Got Over

  • 7 years ago

    Wu-Tang Clan, all around they're superior. The individual members are all solid. Raekwon, Ghostface, GZA, and even Method Man have put out killer albums. Even the other ones always put out solid material, and their affiliates as well.

    I could make a case for The Roots, I do love some of their albums I would say that most of their albums could easily be called better than the later Wu albums. Black Thought is in my top 5 MC's of all time.

    Wu Tang wins

    A. 36 chambers (no brainer)

    B. Wu tang forever by a hair

    C. do you want more??

    D.Game Theory

    E. 8 Diagrams

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Wu Tang Clan

  • 7 years ago

    I love hip hop but i have never heard either one of them but i would say wu tang

    sorry that this doesn't answer your question

  • 7 years ago

    r we talking about the same Roots that play for Jimmy Fallon? is this really a question?

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