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How to tame or style my curly hair?

Ok well I get curly hair when I let it grow out, I've always had like fades but I let it grow out and it gets curly and frizzy and fro's out. What products can I use or should I use? Here is a pic.

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    Girls find GUYS' hair FIND ATTRACTIVE:

    For curly, wavy hair:;_ylt=Ah...

    Your hair is envy from us stick straight haired girls! If you know how to care for your hair type, you won't have this problem. Melina Kanakaredes, Keri Russell in Felicity are examples who has hair like yours and they've got beautiful wavy hair. Watch Deandre Brackensick on American Idol. Google them. Very good example with very long & very tightly curls: watch Derek Hough dances with Brilynn Rakes, 17. Brilynn was chosen to dance on “DWTS” when producers saw incredible videos of the blind girl’s skills. Her hair was styled many ways w/out the use of heat! Better yet, watch Pretty Woman - Julia Roberts's hair in that movie! Demi Moore's hair in her older movies showed her curly sexy hair styles. In the 90's, they didn't have many hair products or heating tools and they also styled their hair many ways!

    Shampoo. Condition. Add a small dollop (size of a quarter) of gel to keep hair from frizzing. Give it a final rinse with carbonated or sparkling water. Sparkling water reduces frizz because of its low pH level. This is a good treatment if you often let your curls air-dry because it will help to eliminate the frizz caused by humidity. Towel dry, scrunch with gel like Samy, or hand lotion, blow-dry using a diffuser briefly, tousle the hair, finger comb, shake your head & you're good to go. If you don't have a diffuser, use a blow heat dryer on low for 5 mins. Upside down blow drying. Bend at your waist, turn your head down and blow dry. Straighten up to a voluminous, super full mane! If your hair needs longer than 5 mins to dry your hair, air dry SOME, get dressed, have breakfast, do your homework, get online etc. while air dryer, then blow dry briefly concentrating @ the roots. Shake your hair and you're good to go! For more tighter curls, set them briefly, blow dry, let them cool, take the curlers out, & finger comb. The result of this method: Elizabeth & Val dance the Jive on Dancing with the Stars, Halloween 2013.

    When you wake up, instead of shampooing again, keep a bottled water filled with water/conditioner and spray on your hair. Scrunch, finger comb and you're good to go! Google Haley Rinehart - American Idol she's got long beautiful curly hair! When my hair was permed in the 80's, my waist-length hair looked like hers. Look @ my hair now.

    Wear a scarf on windy days to avoid frizz. Tuck them inside your hat, style them by wetting your fingers when you get inside, finger comb!

    One method to make it look fuller, add body, tame the curls, bouncier, thicker, SEXIER, softer & shinier hair is to set your hair with plastic curlers (not Velcro) after you towel dry, you'll end up with uniform balance of curls. Blow dry briefly while curling them in curlers. Take them out, and finger comb to style. When you're finished, use your fingers to shake your hair allowing it to fall naturally into place. Used by the best hair color models, and the fashion industry, like Victoria Secret Fashion Show Dec. 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, America's Next Top Models, EXPRESS, Toddlers & Tiaras, Dance Moms, Dancing with the Stars, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, even used on Oprah's hair . . . . and continued to be used today where salons care about pampering your hair. When you see hair on TV a hair color commercial, they're not done by curling or straightening tools. Hair that shines like that and feels like hair, not hay, has to be done by the best hair tools available w/out damaging to the hair. When you take the curlers out, finger comb to style or lightly brush. Tousle the hair up. or shake your hair. You can use large, medium or small curlers, that depends on the length of your hair. Think of JLo's hair, she was voted as the Sexiest Woman by People magazine and Glamour's Woman of the Year 2011.

    Google: Imogen Thomas wears rollers in her hair to take out the trash. GUYS get curlers on their hair, too, in the 50's & 60's.

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    Suck it

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