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1999 Cadillac Seville STS vs 2002 Mitisubishi Eclipse v6?

I have a buddy at work who wants to race me Friday night with his Eclipse Gt, We are doing a 2 block race from a dead start. If I can launch correctly, than I would think it should be an easy win. What do you think the results should be? And any advice on a strong launch is greatly appreciated. His car is also an automatic. I wanted to race him on the highway from a 50 roll, but he knows the Northstar pulls EXTREMELY hard on the highway.


Both cars are Completely stock, theres NO turbo on his car!

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    I had a 99 STS for about 2 years. I do remember a couple of Texas A&M boys try me out once or twice with their rice machines. Didn't work out well for them.. Usually the altercation lasted half a block or so though. The STS launches. like a rocket - very little wheel slip due to the FWD.

    Don't remember what kind of cars they were. Just that they sounded like a wet f**t when they got on them.

    The X got the car. Couldn't afford another.

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    Sts Vs Eclipse

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    Personally, if I had one, I would not be racing it. It is a luxury car that has been fraught with problems. The main one that comes to mind are the bolts that are too short. It's a sweet engine being a DOHC V8 4.6 Liter. Just remember that it weighs in at a hefty 2 tons!

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    From a stand point, most likely that Eclipse will kill you..It's a lighter car and most likely, that dude would have some mods and a Turbo on it...My advice, V-8 engines don't mean too much these days...Any kid that have a 4 or six cylinder vehicle well tuned, would leave you on the dust...!

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    Let me know where and when... I want to be there to watch the cops bust your stupid butt for street racing.

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