sometimes when i log into messenger the video call and voice call icons dont light up. why is that ?

why dont my video call and voice call icons light up when i gog into messenger?

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  • Noah
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    6 years ago
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    Can you describe the version of Messenger that you're using (Windows desktop application, a mobile app, etc.) as well as the location within the application where these buttons are being displayed in this way? If these options are being displayed in this way for a specific contact that means that that individual is using a version of Messenger in which these features are not supported, such as Messenger in Mail. If these options are not working for you at all it might be because of a conflicting issue with your computer system or internet connection. Please take a look at the troubleshooting steps here for more information on resolving this issue:

    Troubleshooting Yahoo Messenger Voice and Video connection issues

    If you continue to have trouble I also recommend going through the following basic Messenger troubleshooting procedures:

    Fix Yahoo Messenger problems

    I hope this is helpful! Please keep us updated if you continue to have trouble.

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