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Angels are among us....?

First "Gabriel" now "Rafael"??? I'm not sure which is worse- answering fake questions to pad someones account OR trying to answer children who are too lazy to type a search on their own...(lol).

Maybe "Michael" will show up with some answers..?! (lol)

Anyway, hows everyone enjoying the weather? It's cold here......


I think I've got you guys beat- MN is enduring the worst snow and cold it's had in 30 years. I've got piles of snow in my backyard as high as my roof. Our average weather this week is 10-15 during the day and -10 to -17 at night. Tired of this cold......can't wait to go home......

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    Funny stuff.... the Angel Gabriel in the flesh shows up to answer your question but I cannot make sense of what your question actually is. lol. But yes, angels are among you. Come to my Facebook page and save it before my answer gets censored.

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    Our winter was wasn't cold at all! We had maybe a week of temps in the 50's and early morn 40's.

    I see how you guys up north hate the cold but the fact is that many down here want it for a minute. It's always hot and steamy from the humidity, like being boiled alive but you get to live to suffer the next day.

    I get tired of hearing, " man, you thick blooded!" from the New York tourists and I get snips and gripes from the northern folk; " You sure are living the life" as they give a dirty look. A simple trade for a week would suffice my soul because this Ice misses the cold. ; ) ~Good luck Catchin'.

    Source(s): The only ice out here comes in a cup. The last "snow storm" we had was a group of smugglers getting jacked up by the coast guard. It was all over the news for days. ; ) .
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    Let's was 65 yesterday afternoon, snowed 5" last night, supposed to be mid 50s today and high 60s/low 70s tomorrow. My favorite lake just opened on Saturday, ruined an entire spool of new fluorocarbon with a single backlash (!@%^&#$@# memory!) in my first 5 casts (ok, so I was casting in the snow with gloves on...). The bass here are probably bipolar at this point.

    Ahhh, typical Colorado weather.

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    Lol. I noticed.

    The weather here is, and will be awful. I'm starting to think prespawn won't start till next April lol. We still have a few inches of ice, but of course with new jersey, the ice always stays right below the safe level so no ice fishing. 10 degrees at night and high 30s in the day seems to be the story. You're lucky your heading down south, my sister's in Florida right now actually. . .I'm still in New Jersey, cold. . . Lonely,liberal,boring New Jersey lol.

    Source(s): Been one of the coldest winter's I've ever seen.
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    Some of these ones are trolls trying to get rid of their negative points.

    We have a little snow here and it is snowing right now, but it isn't heavy snow. Looks like other places have stolen our Alaskan winters these past few years and since some places that usually don't get snow got hit with snow these past few years you might think these places would learn to stock snow tires to learn how to drive in the snowy icy conditions.

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    I'm personally going batsh!t banana sandwich around here. The wife can't stand me right now. Haven't been hunting since the middle of January and the snow just keeps coming. I should be fishing walleye/saugeye and pike by now but nothing will thaw out! Going to southern Oklahoma next weekend on the advice of my therapist and the pleading of my wife. Crappie bite is on and the smallmouth are staging. I really don't care if I catch a damn thing, I just need to go before I start eating my own shoe or arguing with myself. I hate this time of year.

    Source(s): Just kidding about the therapist. I don't need someone to tell me I have a fishing problem, I'm well aware of it.
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    I really enjoyed the rain we got for a few days. It got soaked up quick, fast, 'n in a hurry! I'm not exactly sure how Casitas was affected by it, haven't gone to check it out and haven't read anything in the local news. Clear skies and warm temperatures are predicted for the next week or so. How about yourself SW? How the hell are 'ya?


    Thumbs down, really? Dafuq? Is someone jealous of the SoCal weather?

    Source(s): -B
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    The angels are here in south-central Alaska where we have been enjoying weeks of balmy weather with temps even above +50 from time to time. Wasilla has practically NO snow. Pussy willows are having kittens. Life is good!

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    Sooner or later someone named "Jesus" will show up.

    (I know people with all of these names, not all of them are close to angelic.)

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