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How do I become an FBI SWAT Officer?

I know I would first have to become an FBI Special Agent first, but what are the requirements to become an FBI SWAT Officer?

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    Each of the 56 FBI field offices has a SWAT team. FBI SWAT members are full time investigators and part time SWAT operators, training two to four days a month. The TS/HRT is a full-time tactical team that maintains proficiency in a core set of specialty skills not utilized or required by FBI SWAT teams.

    TRP agents are encouraged, but not required, to participate in SWAT prior to attending the TS/HRT selection

    Does the TS/HRT conduct operations with the FBI SWAT teams?

    Yes, the TS/HRT assists FBI SWAT when the situation requires specialized skills, equipment, or complex planning.

    The FBI uses a tiered response to tactical situations. In the event of a crisis that warrants federal response, the local FBI field office SWAT team would be the first responders. Based on the complexity of the situation, other FBI SWAT teams within the geographical region could respond. When the TS/HRT specialty capabilities are required, upon approval, the team would deploy. The TS/HRT is viewed as a national/tier 1 response by the FBI Director and Attorney General.

    What is the Tactical Recruiting Program (TRP)?

    The TRP is a recruiting tool for the FBI and the TS/HRT to find and hire the best possible agent/tactical candidates.

    The operational tempo for the TS/HRT has been high in the years since the terrorist attacks of 09/11/2001. The TS/HRT is increasing their staffing as a result of the increased demands. The FBI recognizes individuals with significant tactical skills and brings them into the FBI as Special Agents with the commitment to try out for the TS/HRT. An individual coming into the FBI under TRP is treated the same as others coming into the FBI under specialty programs (lawyers, accountants, linguists) and can be assigned anywhere in the US prior to trying out for the team. TRP candidates cannot try out for the team before they have two years of investigative experience in the FBI's field divisions.

    Who can apply to the TRP?

    An individual under the age of 36 with a four-year college degree and significant tactical experience can apply to the FBI under the Tactical Recruiting Program. A high level of physical fitness is mandatory. Significant tactical experience is defined as three years of recent military combat arms experience or law enforcement SWAT.

    How long does the application process take?

    The process takes approximately one year, from the day you fill out the initial application to the day you report to the FBI Academy.

    How does the TRP application process differ from that of the regular FBI Special Agent (SA) position?

    TRP applicants go through the same process to come into the FBI as all other SA applicants, with the addition of filing the extra TRP application and resume, having a telephonic interview (if selected), and being required to perform at a higher level on the FBI Physical Fitness Test (PFT) - a minimum score of 20 points with pull-ups. The initial application for the FBI should be filed on At the conclusion of the online application, you will be prompted to apply to the TRP.

    What extra information do you need to provide as a TRP candidate?

    Please only provide additional information (DD-214 or training certificates) when asked to do so.

    Once hired and graduated from the FBI Academy, what is expected of an SA hired under the TRP?

    Agents hired under the TRP will be assigned throughout the 56 FBI field offices nationwide as an investigator and could work any of the FBI's numerous violations. Once an SA has at least two years of service in the FBI, he/she will be eligible to attend the TS/HRT selection. All Agents who are hired under TRP are expected to maintain a high level of fitness, excel in their investigative casework, and attend the TS/HRT selectio

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