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What is a romantic notion?

I am supposed to write an essay about it. Someone tell me please

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    Tricky question, actually. A romantic notion (little 'r') is generally understood to be sentimental. Giving sweet little presents to a loved one. Making dinner for the one who always serves you. Ways to show you appreciate and care for someone dear. But a Romantic notion (big 'r') is a literary or philosophical concept. Big R Romance is about communion with nature, the transcendence of the spirit, and man's limitations and possibilities. Epic stuff. I'm not sure which one you have to write about. If it's little r, write about romantic cliches that work and ones that don't, and why. If it's big r, I'd use the poem "We Are Seven" to discuss how the children are Romantics and the narrator must choose whether Romanticism is something he, too, needs. Good luck!

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