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What's the best way to get a deep wave in my hair?

"The pic is my hair a couple days after using curlers" First off; I'm mixed. (Black, White, & Native American) idk if that helps to explain my hair texture. When wet my hair is really curly. It's almost spiral-ish. But when my hair just air dries without me doing anything to it? It gets SUPER FRIZZY AND PUFFY! And it's a tangled mess! Usually after I wash my hair, I'll either straighten it, braid it, or put it in some curler. I've been trying to stop straightening my hair as much because it makes my hair heavy & I'll always have to touch it up. Since I've been using curlers in my hair I've been really happy with the results (in the pic attached) but it's not exactly what I want. You can google "deep wave hair weave" and you'll see what I mean, it's a neater wave. Some people have told me that I'll need to use a curling wand to achieve the look. I bought one & True enough it worked but I had to use A LOT of hairspray & hairspray makes my scalp itchy :/ any suggestions? Thanks :)

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    Use gel.

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