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Who has had a bigger impact on the martial arts film industry? Yuen Woo Ping or John Woo?

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    Woo Ping, of course.

    He comes from a family of martial artists and entertainers going way back.

    John Woo is a director.

    The Yuen clan are many and are part of Wuxia film history - nobility, so to speak.

    His father, Yuen Siu Tien is legendary, He has many sons and daughters in the industry. Woo Ping is one.

    Here's an image of some of them..

    You might recognize them.


    I do have to add that Lau Kar Leung, to me, had a greater impact and influence in the industry. He had direct lineage to Wong Fei Hung and his choreography was nothing less than superb...

    Here's the final scene from My Young Auntie. Master Leung is the one with the mole over his eye:

    Youtube thumbnail

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    Yuen Wo Ping. He's more directly involved with martial arts and has been active for close to fifty years. He is probably the most impactful person in the history of kung fu movies outside of world impacting actors like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. He is on a list of a very select few of individuals like the Shaw Brothers who've greatly impacted the world cinema with martial arts.

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    I get your question, and yet you exclude the man that made Martial Arts films a solid part of the movie industry, and opened the "door" for everyone else who followed....


    As for the immediate question, I have to agree with Darth.

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