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How can one expect an apple from a branch when that branch came from a withered tree?

Yeshua instructed us to judge a church or prophet by its fruit. So, how can Protestantism be the correct path?

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    "Essentials unity, nonessentials liberty" is a saying which applies to all sincere Christians who despite doctrinal differences on some issues, are united on the most fundamental ones. There are "other sheep" refers not just to the primary body of believers, but even those who for the most part are still Christian by a different name. Religion is not a path, it is dogma and ritual, intended to instruct and reinforce that which leads to spiritual growth. That is not to say Protestant teachings are completely "correct", but, we are entering an age when we are coming a full circle - divisions arising from corruption tore us apart back in Luther's day, and now despite not quite sure how to go about reconciling, increasing number of Christians across denominations are yearning for unity - mind you, we're not sure unity under which Earthly authority, as each prefers their hierarchical set up.

    In this light, the tree is indeed known by its fruit - the tree of Christian unity whose trans-denominational fruit is now maturing, that tree is good, yet still needs more ripening and overall the tree needs some more pruning :)

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    Prove the branch is withered before you assert the fruit is absent.

    They do not have to vcontend with the huge scale of abuse and corruption in ther Catholic Church

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    are you suggesting that the more popular and profitable a church or religion is, the more right it is the more proper?

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