Has the Indian team really done bad while defending totals under Dhoni?

A user here told me that. Then, he says that when the match goes close, Dhoni is really bad. Just out of curiosity, I looked up at cricinfo. India has won 37 out of 64(?) matches where we batted first, and Dhoni was the captain.

I looked up the scorecards, and found some really close one's...Trying to shorten up the list, I came up with these eventually-






Some links where India didn't post a large total but comfortably wrapped up the match-






There were 2 more links where India posted a total of less than 300...but the list was getting a little too long...

Then, isn't it good to post a large total and knock the opposition out instead of posting a decent total and taking it close?

So, what do you make out this?

BQ: What do you think of Kohli's decision to of giving the ball to Ashwin for the last over against Pakistan when Afridi was there? Don't you think that he should have instead saved Shami for the last? I think Kohli can be a brilliant captain, but this particular decision I didn't like. We were a few friends chatting on a WhatsApp group and all of us were mad at it.


I've also given links of matches played in South Africa and England.

Update 2:

I've also given links of matches played in South Africa and England.

Update 3:

I've also given links of matches played in South Africa and England.

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    It seems a bit harsh to place all the blame on Dhoni, especially with the kind of bowlers he has available in his team.

    This photo sums it up nicely.

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  • 7 years ago

    Dhoni was a brilliant captain before 2011. He's been bad after that and terrible overseas apart from the CT.

    No matter how much you admire him, if you say that he hasn't changed you're a bloody liar. I like Dhoni a lot, I really do. But he frustrates me sometimes especially in Tests.

    A captain can't force his batsmen to score runs but he plays a part in his bowlers performance. The same set of bowlers were being smashed around vs Australia on similar pitches. You must be really happy that despite posting such bad totals we came so close to a win. Kohli made a few mistakes, he is bound to make them at this stage. I tell you, if Kohli's made the captain & Dhoni is in the team too, the ODI side will be a lot better. We might get the back the hairy Dhoni. More importantly, Kohli will also have Dhoni to look upon when he is out of ideas.

    BQ That didn't work but it was not a bad idea. Ashwin had bowled very well throughout and he could have deceived the batsmen with variations.


    Source(s): This is more like a precis writing where you need to stick to the word limit and delete portions to fit in all points.
  • Adarsh
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    7 years ago

    Y u fans conclude everything by the records ? You have to observe the way he leads the team. "Dhoni won 2 WCs & CT",general statement from dhoni fans , so greatest captain eh? Only kids think such way.

    India indeed have done badly under dhoni while defending totals especially since 2011. I don't remember much about the matches before 2011 but from what I have seen after 2011 WC yes we have lost many matches since then after batting first.

    And a few wins we have won could be because of posting 300+ totals ( like in Asia cup 2012 vs SL , champions trophy 2013 vs South Africa, etc).

    Also Dhoni's major advantage in the links u showed is matches vs England at home. India dominated them over last decade in Odis at home winning like 6-1,5-0 etc many times. England obviously felt it difficult especially with inexperienced team in India so they didn't pose a serious threat while chasing.

    Dhoni is not much active in the field & he just allows the game to move on by itself. He is not involved in the game like Kohli. Kohli is more thinking & aggressive captain. Kohli is much better captain than him.

    BQ- not surprising to see dhoni fans mocking kohli's captaincy. I have seen it here in y!a, seen it in Facebook & seeing it everywhere. Btw Bhuvi's 47th over was way too expensive & Pakistan needed only 17 from 18 balls so he needed to bring his best bowler back to bring India back into the match.

  • 7 years ago

    Champ when will you realise that Dhoni is to blame for everything! He is obviously at fault for India's poor showing this Asia cup too; hasn't scored a single run, hasn't taken one catch behind the stumps, I didn't see any direction with field placements and his management of the bowlers is inexistent. Fukcing Dhoni....

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