double replacement reaction?

I need to write an equation and balance it for a double replacement:

Aqueous solutions of chromium(III) iodide and lithium hydroxide react to give a chromium(III) hydroxide precipitate and aqueous lithium iodide.

I put:

CrI3 + LiOH -> Cr(OH)3 + LiI

The double replacement is:

CrI3 + LiOH -> Cr(OH)3 + LiI correct?

How would I write this and balance it as a new equation?

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  • 6 years ago
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    The equation is correct.

    CrI3 + LiOH -> Cr(OH)3 + LiI

    On RHS, there are 3* OH groups than LHS (actually, we see number of O and number of H)

    so, we modify:

    CrI3 + 3LiOH -> Cr(OH)3 + LiI

    Now, we notice there is 3 atom of I and 3 atom of Li on LHS, but only one atom of each on RHS.

    Thus, we multiply LiI by 3.

    CrI3 + 3LiOH -> Cr(OH)3 + 3LiI

    Thus is the final balanced equation

    No of atoms on LHS = No of atoms of RHS

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