Does Northern California have any safe cities in the Solano or Contra Costa county?

My husband got a job offer in the solano county area and we went for a week to look around the area. I lived in California back in the 1990's and moved to Miami, Fl with my parents in 1999. we have small children and researching the cities all I read about is the gang violence and that really changing my mind about moving over there. Does anyone know what are the safest cities in either Solano County or Contra Costa? Thank you in advance for your answers.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Good cities in Contra Costa country are Orinda, Lafayette and Moraga.

    You need to not live in Solano county, the entire thing is pretty low income and there is a lot of violent crime there..

  • Bill
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    7 years ago

    Solano and Contra Costa counties are suburban areas north east of the San Francisco bay area. They are mostly farming communities and should not be over run with gang violence. I suggest you contact local law enforcement to determine criminal statistics and the local school board to determine educational effectiveness, Good Luck

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    The whole state will be under water when The Big One / earthquake hits.'s everywhere...don't worry about crime.

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  • Rocky
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    7 years ago

    use web site "spotcrime" for the address your moving from then possible address your moving to

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