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have atheists noticed Russia being demonized in the media over the last year?

combined with being provoked a couple of times?


is this coincidence, god or just somebody trying to start a world war?

Update 2:

...a world war that would make Afghanistan and Iraq look like a leisurely walk in the park

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    Russia has always been a global political competitor to the USA. Since most of the news we get in the USA is from American news outlets is it not surprising that there tends to be a America-is-right and Russia is evil approach to the information we get from our American media.

    As far as God is concerned, I think if that were the case Russia is more of a Christian-first nation then we are, as over 80% of Russia is Eastern Orthodox Catholic (second largest global Christian community and the largest center of Orthodoxy (Russian Orthodox.)) Russia apart from the time of the USSR has always seen themselves as the "Third-Rome" the protector of Christianity after the Eastern Roman Empire fell in the 1400's. The Eastern Orthodox church is the official church of Russia.

    The USA has largely become secular-humanist with a echo of its protestant-Christian past that is slowly disappearing over time...I think If God was involved, the USA would be on the wrong end of God's ugly stick lol. Like it or not money is the God of the USA. The Christian God is a very small part of the American landscape...secularism keeps God in His small limited space in our society.

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    Demonized? Not in secular media. I'm sure Christians like Jack Van Impe want to link Putin to the anti-christ whenever possible...

    Russia has been passing strong anti-gay laws. So, yeah I've heard about that.

    And they just invaded the Ukraine.

    The Olympics went well, though.

    So, what coincidence would you be talking about? Who provoked them and in what way? It seems to me they're the ones doing the provoking.

    And atheists don't believe in god, so why would you even ask if they think god is trying to start a war?

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    Russia can't afford a world war, and I seriously doubt many if any other countries would support them if they tried to attack the U.S.

    Putin alone is spending billions that they don't have on his 27 ******* mansions. A war would absolutely tear them apart...unless china was dumb enough to ally with them.

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    Why are BAD Christian so ignorant about this?

    Stalin was raised a Catholic and controlled completely the Russian orthodox Church! All the communist leaders have supported Chrsitianity!

    Putin ensured the girl pop group got years in prison for demonstrating in the cathedral!

    But thanks for drawing attention to the fact that war is because of the Christians!



    WWII - Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord. - Adolf Hitler

    My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter.

    - Adolf Hitler

    George W Bush started FIVE wars in less than eight years stating each time that it was his "God Given Duty” and on September 16th 2001 even called it a Crusade!

    Not his duty to the electors!

    Not his duty to America!

    Just his duty to keep slaughtering heathens for his god!

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Makes a change from Muslims or China I guess.

    (We're perfect btw.)

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