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Why won't Lebron James sit down in a blowout?

Sorry had to ask it in a question but just trying to follow Y/A rules lol. I will tell you the answer..... Just want to let you know Lebron will play the whole 4th quarter because Spolestra keeps his stars in blowouts when they are losing or winning that's why I don't like that coach, but as much as I don't like Lebron it would be intersesting if he scored 70.

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  • Eddie
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    7 years ago
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    many players who are close to a record plays longer than necessary but a 15 point game can be erased fairly quickly in a NBA game so Lebron will probably play until about the 3 minute mark if the game is around 15 point unless he needs a basket or two to beat a record or beat his own record.

    If Lebron played for records then many of those games that Lebron was a rebound or an assists short of a triple double he would play those whole game and he does not. If he did then he would probably have 20 more triple double games.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    the same reason why he doesnt when hes 1 ast or reb shy of a triple double. he'll tell you otherwise that he doesnt play for the stats, but we all know hes a greedy stat bastad

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