Is Southern California a nice place to live?

For a single, professional young woman?

I live in Greensboro, North Carolina, right now and it's hell, honestly.

You have to drive for four hours to get to a beach... the weather is a nightmare, we have seasons... in the fall everything dies, then bitter, harsh winters, and it's a swamp in summer. North Carolina is NOT a normal place to live. People are mostly really snobby. Charlotte and Wilmington are the LEAST bad parts of the state. There's no opportunity here... I have a college degree and tried and tried to get a job and couldn't. I don't understand why people choose to come to Greensboro.

I would like to live somewhere with sunshine, blue skies, and near a beach!

Somewhere ethnically diverse, with friendly people who are unpretentious.

Nice weather... no snow or winter weather or any of that crap.

Somewhere beautiful with fun things to do, but with plenty of green spaces.

I'm professional, college degree and will finish health care grad school soon. I used to be an English teacher abroad.

I've never been married, probably the only person in NC who didn't get married at like, 14. I do go to church, but North Carolina churches are overrun with fake social climbers. I used to be Catholic, but it wasn't the way for me so I decided to go to a non denominational, Christian church (when I was in Mexico teaching). Socially I'm kinda liberal, for example I like gay people and don't see anything wrong with homosexuality. (I'm straight btw)I never got married but I would have liked to have had an interracial relationship/marriage. It didn't work out, but my point is, I'd like to live in a place where I can be free to be myself without being judged.

What are some fun things to do for fun in California?

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    I'm a born and bred Southern California girl, so I'm a bit biased, but yeah, Southern California is a great place to live. I mean, pretty much anything you're into, there's something to do. If you like green spaces, there are parks everywhere, or forests, or mountains. If you like the ocean, we've got plenty of that with the best beaches around. If you like art, we have the Getty & the Norton Simon Museum. If you like music, we have pretty much any sort of music performance you can think of. If you like science, we have Griffith Observatory or the California Science Center. Whatever culture you want to experience, you'll find it. Whatever type of food you want to eat, you'll find it (trust me, my husband gets cravings for the WEIRDEST ethnic food and I've been able to meet every single request of his). And yeah, if you like men, there's plenty of those here too =) Especially if you're interested in an interracial one (Most of my friends are half something, half something else). I do have to warn you that we have wildfires and earthquakes in SoCal a lot, which NC isn't known for, so there's that.

    Just remember that there are social-climbers everywhere. I mean, c'mon, Hollywood is THE place for people who want to climb the social ladder (though I'm assuming the social ladder is a bit different in NC). There's people who are super-religious and super-conservative. There are people whose opinions will be very different from yours. But, what I love about Southern California is that it's super OK to be yourself & have your own opinions because there's bound to be other people who like you for yourself & share your opinions since there's such a variety.

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    I'm a SoCal native and current resident. I went to grad school in your neck of the woods... (give or take a couple of 100 miles). I have good friends who live very close to you.

    I don't agree that your weather is a nightmare, nor how you describe it. But you live in day in out, so many it's different. I think you need to be at least north of DC before you can start describing it as bitter and harsh. You will be as "wimpy" as my friends that wear parkas when it is 65F.

    Southern California in my opinion has 5 seasons. Yes, we have seasons and we have 5. They are different than yours but there is definitely a spring (cool, students who come here for spring break are very surprised), MayGray/JuneGloom (search Wikipedia), summer (what you envision as summer, although our beaches are in the low 70s), Fall (crisp), and winter (rain).

    I don't think all of NC has an employment problem, but I agree that people in your area do. My friends in the area, have pretty crappy jobs for college educated people.

    Yes, the people in your area are snobby and materialistic. I know some people who wear brands, I know others that are stylish, I have friends that just "are" (Kohls?). I work in the apparel industry with friends who work in the "industry" (entertainment). People where you are "care" about the brands. It's people in your area that taught me that people actually purchase name brand wedding jewelry (I mean I have seen them in bridal magazines, but I had no clue that people actually go to the bridal store looking for a specific "brand") The same with other jewelry and purses. The materialism here certainly exists but it's a completely different kind than you have.

    What are some fun things to do for fun in California?

    I guess the thing is that there is enough people and enough going on, that you can really do anything that you enjoy all the time. Just take a look at all the different groups on There are thousands of different options in the LA area and they have people who participate.

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    San Diego is one of the nicest cities in the country. It's a major tourist destination and there are tons of things to do. With 70 miles of beautiful beaches, countless parks and gardens, major league and college sports, dozens of golf courses, world class museums, Tony Award winning theater, great cuisine, best weather in the country, high tech industry, major universities, and the best zoo in the world, it's my choice as THE place to live and play in the USA.

    Check out these sites for more info

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    it's expensive, and the economy isn't so hot

    but definitely give it a chance, get a job lined up first

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