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HELP!!! What can I do with a German exchange student?

I week today I will be having a German exchange student.i don't want them to be bored but I don't no what to do. I planned to go shopping to a theme park and shopping with my friends. But unfortunately there doing their own thing now. So I don't no what to so. I don't want them to be bored. Everyone else is going to towns shopping. But I'm not allowed to do that. So whatever I do. It will be just me and he because no one else will be able to do anything


Sorry. I put he. It's a girl. And I am 14 and so is she

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    Take her to things you would normally do. If that includes shopping or whatever, so be it.

    Think about things that make your town or surrounding area, special. This can include museums, landmarks, parks, sporting events, concerts, shopping malls, etc.

    You may think these things are "boring" or "ordinary" but to your exchange student they're going to seem different, new and even strange. Ask her about what it's like growing up in Germany. I'm sure she'll tell you some things you think are different and strange even though she'll consider them completely normal.

    If you want an example, watch the way she eats. Yes, she still uses a spoon, fork and knife like you do...but I bet she uses them differently than you do. And I bet you never thought about how you eat with silverware before now, have you?

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