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Are Shaq and Kobe lakers better then Lebrons heat?

Shaq and Kobe were an unstoppable duo they won three championships and shaq said they could have won at least 5 or 6. Do you think they would be able to defeat lebron James, d wade & Chris bosh in the finals? Please give a good explanation why one team would beat the other.

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    Prime Shaq O'Neal was the unstoppable in the 2000 era. He help lead the Lakers 3 Peats NBA Championships and 4 Western Conference Titles. This was Lakers Big 2 instead of 3 compare to the Heat.

    Let say if the Heat DO win 3 NBA Championships, is fair to say it will NOT better or greater then the Lakers 3 Peats, because they played in the tough era of the Western Conference while this modern Heat, are playing up against a laughable Eastern Conference who has no one to compete except the Pacers.

    Shaq his Lakers 3 rings are worth more then Lebron 2 or 3 rings.

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    Kobe and shaq in their ****** prime would kill heat, remember lebron and wade and bosh had to join up to finally win, u think Lebron could do that in Cleveland? wade won one cuz of shaq and the other two cuz of lebron... KOBE #blackmamba #shaq #3rings #imagineiftheyneverbrokeup

  • richie
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    Yes I think Shaq-Kobe Lakers is better.

    The Heat's weakest position is at center, Shaq will definitely take advantage of that.

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    Oh definitely.Who's going to guard Shaq? Birdman?

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  • ?
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    Definitely, Miami is aided by not having alot of competition in the NBA right, there just aren't that many really good teams.

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    By far

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