I have GOT to get out of this HORRIBLE town! How?

First of all, this isn't a kid's post. I'm a grad student (I graduate in May).

I'm so unhappy in my ''hometown'' that it makes me want to kill myself. I'm not suicidal but I can't stand that I'm probably going to be in North Carolina for the rest of my life.

We moved here when I was a teen, and I tried to ''do the right thing'' and adjust but I still HATE it. We moved to Greensboro and when people ask why we moved I say, ''my parents hate me.''

North Carolina is NOT a normal place to live. There's no beach... you have to drive for four hours just to get to one. The weather is a nightmare. Brutal, icy, miserable winters and then it's a swampy cesspool in summer. Life is just endured here... no laughter. There's no fun things to do. It's impossible to have a life here. I used to be pretty before we moved here, and North Carolina RUINED my looks. I was gorgeously tanned and had a nice body. There's no sunshine, no beach, I can't get out to the gym to exercise. Getting nutritious food is impossible. Fresh fruit is ''in season'' for like, a week out of the whole year. You have to get in a car, drive for 20 miles, get out and get financially raped to buy like, one anemic tomato. I remember going out to my backyard and just picking what I wanted to snack on. Everyone is way overweight and has like, a million kids because that's all there is to do here. It's impossible to find a niche or a social life... it's only logical, everyone here gets married at 19 and there are no guys.

People are unbelievably snobby, fake and plastic here. Everyone is ''friendly'' (euphemism for nosey) but no one gives a crap about being friends. Everyone goes to church but no one gives a crap about God, Jesus or ''love thy neighbor.'' Churches are full of pretentious, materialistic, social climbing snobs here.

It's March and we're still getting dumped with snow, ice and sleet and other ''winter weather.'' I have SAD and sometimes it gets so bad that I literally feel suicidally depressed and it's the weather. I don't want to take medicine that makes me fat or makes me fart. I just want blue skies and sunshine.

A lot of people are redneck, racist, intolerant bigots. You can't have an interracial date without being stared down by people who think this is still 1930.

I keep hearing that in Florida, they don't want ''foreign invaders'' from out of state. Even a friend who lives in Florida freaked out when I told her I wanted to move back, and she basically rained all over my parade, saying that people from out of state aren't wanted, needed and that I won't be able to find a job. Now I really don't wanna go back there.. I hear that in Florida, they don't like it when people from out of state move in. It's like they have this attitude where they think they deserve to be there and the rest of don't... and I was born and raised there.

I feel depressed because it's like I don't belong anywhere. It upsets me that people in Florida have this attitude these days. I don't want to force myself into a place where I'm not wanted. That's so degrading and needy. But I feel like I deserve happiness and fulfillment and I can never find it here in NC.

I miss the sunshine and blue skies, I miss the fun things to do and I miss the BEACH!! I feel like a town isn't a real town without an ocean and I can't deal with not being near water. I grew up within a 15 minute walk to the ocean, and it's so underprivileged and weird to have to drive for four hours to get to the beach.

Ugggh, hell would be a five star luxury vacation compared to this horrible town.

I miss miss miss my college days. I studied abroad in Cuernavaca my senior year. When I found out that I was going to have to spend a year in Mexico, I was so happy that I cried, literally cried.

So I was in Mexico for years, loved Cuernavaca, but then went to Michoacan and it was a negative experience. People were rude and racist and for the most part, people in Michoacan do NOT like Americans. Cuernavaca... people were loving, kind, but Michoacán ruined Mexico for me.

So... Mexico is no longer a safe haven, I'm no longer wanted in Florida and I am seriously sick of North Carolina. I could move across the world and all I'd miss is my mom and my cat.

Do I just not belong anywhere? What to do? please help.


Is Asia cool? I've always wanted to go to Japan. Could I get a job as an English teacher, do you think?

I have a TEFL certificate and some TEFL experience.

Update 2:

I don't think I'd be happy in Al or Ms, as for Asia I would love a visit. I hear it's hard to move to Japan permanently. And besides, my friends and family are in Mexico and USA and that would be so far away from them. But I'd love a semester in Japan, teaching school or something.

The only part of Mexico I would want to live is Cuernavaca. No beaches but that's really the only thing wrong with it.

Update 3:

I'd love Southern California. I think I might fit in there.

I do go to church and all that but the religious hypocrisy where I live seriously gets me down!

A job doing almost anything in Asia?? I mean I like teaching but I'm the kind of person whose ears prick up when I hear exciting ideas. New adventures, bring them on. Before I have to settle down hahaha.

Update 4:

I hope I didn't offend anyone... I am overweight myself, I need to lose about 50 pounds

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    I have relatives in central NC. My once-removed cousin has a liking for black men, so when I went out there (just after 9/11 when I could get cheap air tickets), I found a family of pretty mixed-race kids. My uncle (who is a Black Belt judo master) used to take his great-grandson along, and nobody could guess they were closely related.

    While there were bits that I liked very much (the plumbing is amazing - all those pretty fire hydrants with little arms wearing hats painted different colours, and a different water tower in every town), I was quite glad to get home to England where there are proper town centres and gardens, rather than yards. I have planted many fruit and nut trees in mine, and have just got my seed potatoes ready for chitting. I know what you feel about winter - really after six months of gloom, I would really like a few sunny days too!

    I know what you feel about overweight people. I am quite big myself with comfort eating and loneliness (about 200lb), but in NC I feel quite skinny. There was a lady in Wal-Mart where I went to buy some cheap jeans wearing jeans where I could get both of my legs into one of hers. I remember a pre-show snack being a 30 ounce steak. I was struggling. Elephants are being made extinct in Africa, but there are plenty of elephant-sized people in NC!

    I've only ever been to the States once in my life. When I think of Florida, I imagine mostly drugs gangsters, murderers, and those horrible gated estates that own the beaches right to the sea and keep the public off them. At least in my country, most of the coastline can be reached publicly, and since it is an island, there is a lot of coastline. The best use for the people that live in Florida is that they are tasty and nutritious snacks for the alligators.

    No need to live in NC for the rest of your life. Get some cheap transport and go exploring. When I was around 20, I got a motorbike and a tent and went all over Europe. The best adventure was behind the Iron Curtain almost to the Ukrainian border. I travelled 2000 miles without accident, and then was knocked off my bike by a lorry in England 50 miles from my home and woke up in an ambulance.

    As for Asia, have you thought of going to the Philippines? It is very American-friendly and English an official language and widely spoken. There are beaches and ocean everywhere. They are not at all snobby. Also it is the only Christian country in Asia, being mostly Catholics same as Mexico. The only thing you must watch is never to lose your temper, since they don't like shows of temper. If you can be nice and friendly though, then that is their natural nature. Also it is never winter there. There are two big islands - Luzon, which is more like America and can be a bit overcrowded in the cities, and Mindanao, very pretty, but there is conflict with the Muslim separatists there, so you must be careful and people are a bit more reserved. There are lots of little islands in the middle there, but some of them were much damaged by a serious typhoon, tsunami and earthquake which destroyed many of their buildings and trees.

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    I love the Carolina's, north and south. I do not live there either. I don't like Fl. Ca, Mx or La. I do like Al. and Ms. They have beaches and a longer summer. Jobs can be found at the casinos. English speaking educated people can get a job doing almost anything in Asia. I have my favorite but you should find your own. Quit living in the past, it's gone and will forever be the same in your memory, not in reality. Make newer better memories.

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    i suggest move to some where else. um, california maybe. it has a beach. florida is nice but if you can't move, why not new york, i has life. it's pretty in the night but doesn't have a clean beach :/

    start looking for places that has beach on them, social life, save alot of money and start building your resume.

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    Sounds like you never gave it a fair shot. I've been all over the eastern part of this country and never had any trouble finding friends. I always kept an open mind though. BTW, I'm from the deep south on the Gulf Coast, one of those close-minded bigots everyone like to judge based solely on ignorance.

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    Watch this video. Then realize how good of a life you have here in America.


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    Source(s): You sound like a spoiled little brat.
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    It's simpler then it looks. Once your 18 and out of highschool, you have the right to travel and go anywhere you see fit to go. Its not the end of the world, friend.

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