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If peter pan was really an angel?

So i saw this picture on facebook, and i wondered is this true? If the children were dead why did they all return, or was it that they were dying but managed to survive?

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    Humm. Cool question! Hope my answer is helpful.

    If Peter Pan was really an angel:

    I think that the lost boys in Neverland were all dead. In death in this story, it's plausible that you don't age because you're in heaven. So, the boys didn't get older because they were dead and in heaven - in a kids' heaven, with adventures and fantasies galore. So, they'd die and go to a special heaven, and Peter Pan would be there to keep them happy and such?

    All right, then we have some kids (Wendy, John, and Michael) who die and Peter Pan takes them to Neverland. Then they have an adventure. Okay, all's clear.

    Okay, then what? We know that they all return - but then here's your real question. The kids obviously were dead, and they returned. Why? How? For what purpose?

    My thoughts are as follows: Perhaps the return of the kids was intended to be a dream-come-true thing? To console poor parents who miss their deceased children? Or, maybe the story was intended to be a parallel to some religious belief, like a resurrection as in the bible? Many of the best stories of the world reflect religious beliefs such as a mediator, sacrifice, a resurrection, and such. So, I think that it likely has to do with religion. Then, how? I'll mostly leave that alone, but it's a thought. Hmm, here's my main thought ---If Peter Pan was really an angel, he had the ability to change things - but only a little bit. Perhaps Wendy and the other Darlings influenced his view of his role in bringing dead kids to heaven and of the state of the kids in heaven so much that he decided that the kids should go back, to have a life they couldn't before. And in this beautiful fantasy, he could change that. So he helped all of the kids get back to earth to live. A bittersweet ending for dear Peter, who will miss his friends, but b/c of the views that Wendy brought, he can see how they're better off on the earth.

    So, he brought the kids back to life on earth because he's an angel and somehow he can do that - with trouble, but he can. So he did.

    Well, hoped that helped you with your thoughts on the subject and such. This is such an interesting question, thanks for making me think about it! ^^

    Have a wonderful day/night/life!

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    I have a pixie that likes to tease me sometimes. Some Christian lore suggests that faeries were those spirits that did not support either Jesus or Lucifer in the war in heaven, therefore did not go directly to hell, but did not get to come to earth to get bodies and return to heaven.

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