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Living in New Zealand?

Hi guys. Of course from the outside looking in, New Zealand looks like some sort of made up beautiful place. But I want the know all of the negatives you can think of. I heard the weather can be bad, racism can be bad, and finding a job could be hard. By the way, I'm 18 and fresh out of high school so I have no degree or much working experience. Also what's the sports like over there? Haven't even seen baseball mentioned in the same paragraph as New Zealand. Thanks in advance and anything helps. PS. I'm from the USA

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    To live in New Zealand there is a points criteria which you need to meet. look at the

    New Zealand are current world champions in softball, which is very similar to baseball but underarm pitching. It is still popular in some areas.. but it's not HUGE. I doubt many of the blacksox (nz softball team) are widely known. The main sports in NZ in summer are cricket, maybe tennis. In winter its a bit more mainstream with netball (females), rugby (union and league) and football/soccer, hockey all popular. THere are quite a few other sports which are popular here ie, golf, mountain biking, rowing, skiing, squash, snowboarding among others that would be considered popular.

    Racism is always present but I would say it's more liberal and tolerant than the USA.

    Weather varies. It does not get as cold or as hot as continental places of the same latitude and some places can be wet. I live on the east coast of the south island which is known for being one of the sunniest and driest places in NZ so I can't complain. In winter its more frosty than anything (I have only seen in snow about 4 times in my life (at sea level) and it barely covers the ground. I found it rained more in Auckland and its way muggier than I am used to. I would say the weather is quite variable and you can get 4 seasons in one day. Today it's not great weatherwise being quite stormy but you can get many wonderful days. It depends on where you live (west coast of both islands is wetter, east coasts are drier, north doesn't really get frosts, south is cloudier, inland south island can get v cold and v hot)

    Jobs depend on your background.With such limited working experience and no degree, I would say your chances are not great for getting in.

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    New Zealand has similar immigration laws to Australia. You can go there on a working holiday at 18 but you cannot move there permanently unless you have skills New Zealand needs. You should check the New Zealand Immigration department web site for details. New Zealand is an independent country and completely separate from Australia which is where you asked the question.

    The big summer sport in New Zealand is cricket. Baseball is played but it is at the minor club level, most New Zealanders would know little about it. In winter, the dominant sport is Rugby Union although Rugby League and Soccer are also played. The New Zealand Netball team vies with the Australian team to be best in the world and in the last twenty or so years, the only two teams in the Commonwealth Games or World Championship finals were Australia and New Zealand with one exception. Netball is one of the most popular games played in NZ and although originally a women's game, mixed netball is surging in popularity.

    There is some racism in NZ, there is anywhere, but not that you would really notice unless you went looking for it. The weather has been brilliant on the two occasions I've been there but I might have just been lucky. New Zealand is every bit as beautiful as it appears in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and there are even more magnificent places that do not appear in the movies.

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    Cody, why don't you ask the New Zealanders, you do realize that Australia and New Zealand are two different countries.

    Racism? Not anywhere as bad as in the States.

    Your not moving anywhere, you would not qualify under the skills requirements of either country. You need a trade background with a minimum of two years experience, same with professional degrees, you must have a minimum of 2 years experience in the field.

    As for sports, the New Zealanders like Australia, are good with their cricket, and are both damn hot in those other two fields of Rugby Union and Rugby League, leaves the NFL and CFL for dead. Besides being good in other fields of sport.

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    This is Australia Travel, so we're on the outside looking in too.

    New Zealand is a different country.

    Try asking in the New Zealand Travel category for answers from people who live there and know what's what.

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