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How to display a level in video game programming?

i'm wondering how the level is displayed ingame ?

a entire level is made of many screens but you can only display one screen at a time

so how to do that in c++?

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    Simple solution is to put each screen into an array of screens, then simply display the current screen you want to be shown by using the subscript operator( The `[]' ). Such as:

    GRenderingDevice_Scr* screens[<num_of_screens>];

    // assign your screens here.

    assignMyScreens(screen, <num_of_screens>);

    unsigned int active_screen = 0; // The first screen -- change this to the index of which the screen that is to // be displayed

    if(screens[active_screen] != 0x0)


    // Example

    void assignMyScreens(GRenderingDevice_Scr* screens, unsigned int count){

    for(unsigned int i = 0; i < count; i++){

    screens[i] = new GRenderingDevice_Scr(BLAH BLAH BLAH);



    The way the level's draw code is written depends on how you wrote the code to handle displaying.

    Typically if screen array has a static number(the screen count does not change) you can assign each screen's index to a name using enum:

    enum ScreenIndex{






    GRenderingDevice_Scr* screens[SCREEN_NUM];

    // assign your screens here.

    assignMyScreens(screen, SCREEN_NUM);

    ScreenIndex activeScreen = SCREEN_0;

    if(screens[SCREEN_0] != 0x0)


    If you have a screen count that changes consider using the std::list or std::vector.

    With all honesty if you cannot understand this code you should not be writing games in C++. Unless the game is a console game or some sort of basic UI game.

    I used something similar when I was making a small game with mini-sub games, but I had to write it so only one game can play at a time instead of all of em'.

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