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So my boyfriend whom ive been with for a year is talking to this girl, what should i do?

She likes him, we fought about it. Hrt let her spend the night, then lied to me about it. He says nothing happened. I asked him to stop talking to her, he said he did but i found out he lied about it and tslked **** about me. I forgave him only if he would stop lying and not tslk to her, found out last night he's still talking to her and she talked **** about me and he didnt care and didnt defend me... i dont know if i should dump him or not. I love him but hes hurt me.advice please?

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    Brutal honesty?

    1) he wants both of you. that's why he's lying. To keep you around.

    2) he honestly doesn't care which one he gets. In fact it's leaning towards choosing her

    3) it's based almost totally on looks, smell, voice and core personality. There's nothing you can do. That's attraction for you.

    4) he isn't gonna ever stop talking to her, duhhhh. He will just keep lying or reassuring you otherwise.

    5) dumping him? Lol. He's pretty much already dumped you. He's just using you for sex and emotional support now- and possibly to make the other girl jealous.

    6) your best bet is to take her number outta his phone and call her yourself and be super sweet genuine and nice. Be down to earth. Explain the situation and say how hurt you are. Be empathetic. Say you understand she has feelings but you'd appreciate if she could wait until he's single to pursue him. Also find out what he told her- he may have lied and said he was single. Anyway if you do this she may end up dump

    Source(s): EDIT: ALSO HE HAD SEX WITH HER WHEN SHE SPENT THE NIGHT: LIKE 99% LIKELY. THEY AT LEAST MADE OUT AND KISSED AND CUDDLED AND STUFF. End up dumping him out of female courtesy. Then voila you get him back. (With that said do you really want him, why?) ok yeah maybe he's hotter than you so you want him for that but still. Not worth it I expect You to take the time and give me best answer. I saved your life. Thanks
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    6 years ago

    Dump him if he isn't doing simply thing u ask him and he is letting the other chick talk about u he may be planning on dumping u and really a boyfriend the lets ppl talk about his girl is a ***hole And i bet u can find some one better than that

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    6 years ago

    Dump him, he is not a real man if he is being close with other girl even after he knows that it makes u angry. If he loved u even a little bit he would stop talking to her immediately, trust me!

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    He lied and unfortunately relationships that go down this route he doesn't care if he hurts you and is lieing so their is no wondering what he is lieing about behind your back. I hate relationships like this. I wish jerks like this acted like it at first then we wouldn't get attached and could dump them fast.

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  • 6 years ago

    Dump him!!

    This guy is talking sh*t about you (his girlfriend) to another girl he has already spent the night with (why would he do that anyways?) Hes not worth it.

    If you dont do it now there is a good chance he will cheat on you or leave you for her.

    Sounds like an asshole.

    Dont waste your time with him anymore.


  • 6 years ago

    I would dump him, you don't deserve a boyfriend who lies to you and doesn't defend you. Dump him before things get more worse

  • ...yo
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    6 years ago

    INSTANT DUMP. No man who's worth it would ever talk about his girl like that, let alone lie to her.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Your right...its just hard because hes my first love.. i went through his phone he never said he was single. She knows about me. And i tried talking to her but she hates me.

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