How to achieve this balayage/ombre look?

My sister is a cosmetologist, however doesnt have any experience with doing ombre/balayage highlights, although she would like to. I found this cut and color that I am OBSESSED with, and my sister is willing to try to do it for me. However, I know I will be disapointed if it doesnt turn out like the picture. I dont want to offend her by going to a salon where they already KNOW how to achieve this highlight look. Any stylists have experience and can point me towards a video, website, etc that would help her understnad exactly how to get this look, or can explain themselves how it is done?

Cant figure out how to post this pic any other way, I am on break at work and dont have access to any photo sharing sites (blocked on their wifi) so I did a google search of the image which I originally found on pintrest. Its the top picture on this link

Thanks for any help! :)


Thank you for the info, and also my sister does keep up with her license and use professional products, she just no longer works in a salon and therefore hasnt done this style yet... She only cuts/colors family and friends as a hobby now, so her experience in recent trends is limited to what she has done for free for all of us :)

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    7 years ago
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    To achieve this look you really can't use home dyes, and if you do you probably will not achieve it in the one go (this is the same if you get it done at the hairdresser)

    1st you need to bleach your hair as a blonde base

    2nd you need to tone your hair

    3rd your start coloring in a DOWNWARD direction, you will probably have to do this once, wait a week or 2 and then re do it.

    4th you will have to use a toner twice a week, or go get ONE at the salon, to remove that brassy colored look

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    7 years ago

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