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Which one do you like more ,NFL or College Football?

To me I prefer College Football but NFL is very entertaining as well. I support both LSU Tigers and Seattle Seahawks respectively.

BQ: Is there any colleges football team from Massachusetts

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    I prefer College partly because I think the kids give more effort than some of the pro players.

    It's more exciting to me and even though I love the Atlanta Falcons I love the Georgia Bulldogs more.

    If I had to choose which one to watch and lose the other forever I would pick Georgia as my permanent team to see.

    List of all college football teams in the state of Massachusetts :

    American International Yellow Jackets - Springfield

    Amherst Lord Jeffs - Amherst

    Anna Maria Amcats - Paxton

    Assumption Greyhounds - Worcester

    Becker Hawks - Leicester

    Bentley Falcons - Waltham

    Boston College Eagles - Chestnut Hill

    Bridgewater State Bears - Bridgewater

    Curry Colonels - Milton

    Endicott Power Gulls - Beverly

    Fitchburg State Falcons - Fitchburg

    Framingham State Rams - Framingham

    Harvard Crimson - Cambridge

    Holy Cross Crusaders - Worcester

    Massachusetts Minutemen - Amherst

    Massachusetts Maritime Buccaneers - Buzzards Bay

    Merrimack Warriors - North Andover

    M.I.T. Engineers - Cambridge

    Mount Ida Mustangs - Newton Centre

    Nichols Bison - Dudley

    Springfield Pride - Springfield

    Stonehill Skyhawks - North Easton

    Tufts Jumbos - Medford

    UMass-Dartmouth Corsairs - North Dartmouth

    Western New England Golden Bears - Springfield

    Westfield State Owls - Westfield

    Williams Ephs - Williamstown

    Worcester State Lancers - Worcester

    W.P.I. Engineers - Worcester

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  • NFL by a long shot!

    Paddy have you ever been to an NFL game?

    NFL's "recruiting" isn't year round? We just had the Super Bowl a month ago and have already had the combine. Next prospects will have pro days and then the draft in May. That is WAY more than college!

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  • 6 years ago

    College is my preference... To me it's just more exciting, especially when you actually go to the games...

    A couple of teams from Massachusetts is Boston College, Harvard, U Mass, Holy Cross....

    Source(s): RT.....
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  • M
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    6 years ago

    College, without a doubt.

    The atmosphere at NFL games, both pre-game (tailgating) and during the game, pales in comparison to that of college games.

    College recruiting is year-round, unlike the NFL draft and free-agency. Passion and pride run deep in the college football world, whereas the NFL is teeming with fairweather fans.

    Also, NFL players are greedy as hell, while college players haven't gotten to that level yet.

    BQ: There's Boston College, but they blow.

    Northeast schools, with the exception of Penn State, are garbage when it comes to football. Pitt was a powerhouse for a while but is now irrelevant.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The NFL and it isn't even close. I have been to both college and pro games and the level of play is so superior at the NFL level. There is a ton of emotion at the NFL level, it is just pro players are taught to play with professionalism. The speed of the game makes it superior.

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  • 6 years ago

    College, for sure.

    BQ: Boston College, UMass and Harvard.

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  • Finch
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    6 years ago

    I like both of them, but the NFL gets the tiebreaker. The only big name college football team from Mass. is Boston College.

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  • 6 years ago

    NFL because of the parity. College teams from Mass are UMass Amherst in the MAC, Boston College in the ACC and that's it in the FBS

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  • 6 years ago

    NFL. College is just plain boring its so predictable whats going to happen any game.If the worst college team plays the best college team you can expect a 77-0 blow out. If the worst NFL team plays the best NFL team the score could be 31-28 with the worst NFL team winning.

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  • Nick
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    6 years ago

    Both are good, but I prefer college football , since there is more emotion and since victory (not money) is the motivating factor.

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