Ohio university or Miami university?

I'm currently a junior in high school and plan on applying to about 5 universities this fall, but these two schools are my top two. I can't decide which I'd enjoy more.

Both campuses are beautiful, and I've heard good things about both.

I do plan on joining a sorority,and I'm undecided on a major. Probably nursing or early childhood education.

If you have any advice on either college it'd be very helpful. I want to make the right choice!

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  • Kim
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    7 years ago
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    Ohio University has both majors. I would advise you to choose nursing because the job market is better. Competitive Dressing is not a sport at Ohio, as it is in Oxford. That should be reassuring. At Ohio, we want you to be you. At either school you will meet lifelong friends and sorority sisters. Disclosure: I am a retired student services administrator from OU. People here want you to graduate in as short a time as possible (not that we don't like you, but school costs a lot). I would carefully compare costs for each school, since that's an important factor. Perhaps decide if you are more preppy (Miami) or casual (OU). You will get a good education either way, but we have more fun in Athens.

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