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Can India make it to the Final?

I checked on cricinfo and it says that the rules for a tiebreaker is that first the team with more wins and then after that their head to head record. So if pak lose to ban and india beat afghnistan with getting a bonus point and having superior run rate then pak then india will not go to the final? What if Ban beat pak on tuesday and then sri lanka don't try on thursday then won't hat mean that ban will actually advance to the final.


proud pakistani. We all know india didn't stand a chance. but my question is is it remotely posible?

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    To be honest India has no chance of being in Final because Pakistan already has a win over Afghanistan & India plus a bonus point & i am sure that Pakistan will beat Bangladesh on March 4

    As we know Sri Lanka hasn't lost a single match in Asia Cup so far so i dont think there would be another upset in the tournament & India is already out of the Asia Cup even if they win against Afghanistan so the Final will be between defending champions Pakistan & Sri Lanka

    @Ali. That would have been possible but this Bangladesh team is not like the team which played in Asia Cup 2012 so they even lost to Afghanistan so they have no chance against Pakistan while Sri Lanka i dont think would be losing to Bangladesh or Afghanistan at this point so i dont think its possible unless there is another upset in the tournament which i dont think will happen

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