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Am I spoiled? I am 13 years old and a female.?

Im 13 and im not trying to get attention but I really dont want to be thought of as ''the bratty kid'' lol

~ Items

* Iphone 4s (Tons of restrictions on it lol)

*I do wear alot of Abercrombie but wouldnt consiter my self as a shopaholic or any thing!

* I have a Tv in my room and stuff but honestly not that much ''tech stuff'' but I am very girly so I have lots of chlothes and makeup and curling iorns



*sweep living room and kitchen

* Do some of my laundry(but moms a big help)


* the real world you don't get paid to clean your room lol

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    I dont think your too spoiled! Lol I'm 15 and dont have a TV in my room :/, but I've had all the other things that you've listed since I was 13!! I'm girly girl too, and have always loved tons of clothes and hair/makeup stuff, but just like you, I'm not too into all the technology stuff. The only chores I do are clean my room and babysit my little sister sometimes (if that even counts) and I get $15 allowance a week.... But I've always consider myself not really spoiled compared to my friends lol

    But anyway, you seem like a really average 13 year old girl to me, dont worry :P

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  • Jenn
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    6 years ago

    What makes someone spoiled is whether or not they appreciate what they have. Most of the "spoiled" people I know think that they deserve the world, and are not thankful or appreciative of anything anyone does for them or gets for them.

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  • 6 years ago

    You are definitely pampered with material goods. If your parents don't give into every unreasonable whim of yours and you don't pester them with unreasonable whims in the first place or they can reason with you over disagreements, then I do not think you fall within the parameters of being spoiled.

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  • 6 years ago

    No, your not too spoiled. Sometimes parents like to spoil their children a little bit.

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  • 6 years ago

    You are mildly spoiled. You are just an average teenager.

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  • 6 years ago

    You're just like every other teenager

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