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Question about google play music on android phone?

Okay, you know how on your computer, you can only download each song twice from your computer, does that same rule apply to pinning songs on your android phone or can you pin songs as many times as you want (like when you get a new phone)

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    Pinned music isn't in any form you would recognize. They're stored as coded files under the directory /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/com.google.android.music

    Opinions vary as to why Google does this, but in my opinion, it's an effort to deter rampant file sharing using mobile devices (i.e., it'd be really easy to download your music to your phone, then transfer it wirelessly to someone else who didn't pay for it). You can still download your entire library free as many times as you'd like using the Google Music Manager program on your desktop, although it's also a little inconvenient, because you have to download your whole library at a time. And you can still download your music to your computer from the Google Music website, but you're limited to doing so twice.

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    how come only half of the music I upload to goggle play and downloaded to my phone only half will play and the other half have to have an inter net connection?

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    do you pay to listen to on phone

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