what is going on in Ukraine?

I'm politically stupid and just want a quick summary.

so, in a paragraph or two or three, could anyone explain what the situation is in Ukraine and how Russia is getting involved and why? thanks

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    Ukraine has been stuggling as an independent country since the fall of the Soviet Union. It's last president started to become a near dictator. During this, last year there was movement to create closer ties economically with the EU. It was a popular move, promising economic prosperity the country has been sorely lacking. This got shot down. Putin (Russia) didn't like this and made economic offers to the Ukrainian president.

    The people had enough and started protesting last November. The recent hard crackdown by government police led to their legislator voting to remove powers from the president and having early elections to remove him from power. There was so much hatred of him by the people, he fled to Russia.

    This atmosphere of rebellion looked to drive a deeper wedge between Ukraine and Russia and toward Europe and the EU. Russia has had a major navel base in the Crimea (Southern Ukraine) since Soviet days. Putin ordered Russian troops to invade the Crimea to secure those interests, whether he will invade further to keep the Ukraine in a Russian sphere of influence, nobody knows yet.

    Western Ukraine has pro-European attitudes. Eastern Ukraine (including the Crimea) has pro-Russian attitudes, although they don't necessarily want to be part of Russian, it economy or politics. There could be a split in the country.

    Ukrainians still remember how 7 million Ukrainians were let to starve to death under Stalin for their rebellious attitudes back in the days of the Soviet Union in the 1930's.

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    Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has been a country.

    Just recently, the Ukrainian Parliament was voting on working toward joining the European Union. The Ukrainian president made an agreement with Russia instead and stopped the EU deal. Riots broke out. The president was driven out of Ukraine. Now, Russia has invaded the Crimea, the southern portion of Ukraine where there is a larger Russian minority living.

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    Ukraine is divided country between nationalist pro-EU West and pro-Russian East. As a democracy it had to balance conflicting interests and remain neutral. Supported by Americans and EU pro-Western forces organized coup in Kiev removing democratically elected president and established nationalist dictatorship, threatening interests of pro-Russian East and Russian national interests as Ukraine can now become member of NATO. Russia strikes back by taking Crimea and supporting pro-Russian forces in Ukraine.

  • 7 years ago

    Russia wants to continue the strong influence that it's had over Ukraine, which they believe they are losing to the recent hints of revolution.

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  • 7 years ago

    Ukraine overthrew it's leader - Russia intervened and sent in troops./ There are meetings going on in the UN over it.

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    7 years ago

    Putin started a fire in ukraine. however now he's trying to pour water on it. meanwhile, america is pouring gasoline.

  • Calvin
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    7 years ago

    Bad things.

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