Can anyone tell me what this CD is?

So I was looking through all my music CD's and I found one in a clear case with no label. The CD looks like it says what looks like "Sones of Protest", but I'm not really sure if the first word is correct because it's in a groovy kinda script writing. The writing is in blue and there is a blue square around the hole in the center of the cd. There are two thick orange squiggles on it, one on each side. There is a thinner black squiggle going through each of the orange ones. On the side of the cd in small print it say, 1991 Rhino Records Inc. My dad and I are both big fans of classic rock, and it used to belong to him I think. So I'm assuming it is a classic rock band, but I can't figure out which one.

Thanks :)

3 Answers

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