Does anyone know anything about an immersion program called "el otro lado?

Its an immersion program that deals with the immigration issue and it is a 5 day program. I am wondering what the daily schedule is for each day. Like does the group stay together 24 - 7 or how does it work?

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    El Otro Lado Program Seeks to Teach the Other Side

    As part of their Enrichment Week course, students from Saint Mary’s College High School in Berkeley joined peers from San Miguel High School in Tucson in a unique immersion program intended to expose students to the complex issues involved in the immigration question. Called “El Otro Lado”–meaning the other side in Spanish—the five day program was sponsored by San Miguel.

    Prior to their trip, students studied the illegal immigration issue; during the visit they were able to see first hand the realities on both sides of the border. In the desert, students walked the routes trekked by migrants, saw the personal belongings and memorials left behind, and bagged pounds of garbage. They learned about the dangers presented by unscrupulous guides and vicious gangs. A second day’s activity brought them to a makeshift relief station on the Nogales side in Mexico called the Kino Border Initiative which feeds and clothes recently deported migrants. On another day, having received a security clearance, the group visited the border patrol station near Nogales, spoke with an agent, and saw cells holding migrants that had been apprehended in the past day. They were also able to attend a deportation hearing and speak with a judge in a Tucson Federal Court.

    For all of the participants, it was a transforming week. They wrote in their blog: “We began to sense that injustice exists because we can’t “see” anything except our own needs and expectations. Solutions to intractable problems won’t come from systems that have an interest, but from educated people who can hold many points of view. .

    This type of immersion education is one of the only ways to do this.” Read their blog at

    To see more of their extraordinary week, see the television news segment at


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