How can I educate myself of clean electric vehicles?

Hi there, I am a fifteen year old boy who sees a great future for electric vehicles. My mom recently passed, and instead of spending the money that I have on candy and electronics, I would love to start something that is so much more important to the enviorment. I feel as if the world is at my fingertips with the internet, but I have no idea how to access the information that I am seeking. Where might I get started on my quest to clean energy and electric cars? I know that this is a huge challenge, and our best scientists can't exactly figure it out, but I think it would be worth trying. Thank you.

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  • 6 years ago
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    While you asked about the specific topic of electric cars there are some basic steps that need to be covered. What you will have to spend is not so much money as time.

    It would probably be a mistake to rely upon schooling to bring your education to a higher standard. There is no escape from personal effort. Schooling has also within the last 50 years moved toward a more narrow technical training rather than a broad education. To fill the void you could first make sure that your educational skills were at their highest potential. A close study of a speed reading course would help to increase your skills of concentration. "Meditation" techniques can do the same. A study of Mortimer Adler's "How to Read a Book" will increase your powers of comprehension as it builds a logical framework for reading. Some understanding of Rhetoric will help you to not be swayed by empty persuasive pieces full of logical fallacies. Aristotle's "Rhetoric" is a work upon which others are based.

    There are many publications on the web. Most are derivative and based upon one press release. And so, you might see 10 or 20 articles on a topic scattered around the web, but they all have the same source. The better articles will reference their source. Learn to find the original source of articles and save a great deal of time by not reading many articles on a subject that don't add to the original content. When you find a good source subscribe to the publication and read it consistently. I am subscribed to about 4 hours of reading each day. How much I get to depends upon what other writing or activities I also have to accomplish.

    Mit Review used to be a great source but they are attempting to become more popular and many of their articles are now from other sources. Phy org is a good source. There are also a few very good writers who think clearly and are knowledgable among a mass that think if they use a bit of terminology or follow a pattern they have accomplished "writing." Follow good writers and writing and watch out for the sensational that offers little and demands more. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

    If you have any mechanical skills sometimes doing is as helpful a learning tool as study. Some have taken on an EV conversion of a petrol vehicle simply to learn how it is done. Being part of a school team would also be a great opportunity. Many schools have an EV project and some are preparing vehicles for either the World solar challenge or the America Solar Challenge.

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