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How much money to take on 1 week in France?

I'm going to the South of France for one week in August and was wondering how much money I would need to take for when I'm there? Accommodation and flights are sorted, it's just money to spend when there

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  • Tin
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    6 years ago
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    Whereabout's in the South of France are you going? Prices are not the same depending on the place and on the way you live.

    I go to Sainte Maxime, near St Tropez, which is the South East, paca / French riviera. Dining out costs over 30€ per person plus drinks which can cost much more expensive than food. Access to a private beach costs around 15€ per day. If you stay at a hotel, breakfast is usually not included in the price and costs in average 15€ per day.

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  • 6 years ago

    It depens what is your lifestyle. Unfortunatly, even if you are on a strict budget, France remains terribly expensive. I would say a minimum of 80 dollars per day.

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  • Lísa
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    6 years ago

    As much as you can.

    France is a high class country which means everything is expensive over there.

    Source(s): Been to France three times.
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