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內容需符合 人與人之間的日常交談的 錄音 和 錄音稿(最好有埋中英句子對照)


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    In a perspective of an English learner, you should learn with 100% english,

    I'm not saying that having a Chinese subtitle would hinder learning, but learning English using ONLY english would be beneficial for you and consolidates your understanding of the usage of Tenses and vocabulary.

    BBC learning English is a really useful website for non-native speakers to improve their learning skills which includes what you are looking for ( recording of conversations), it also teaches you how to use English idioms or slangs for you to sound more like a native speaker and speak more naturally and lively.

    The website also contain quizzes for you to test what you've learnt and consolidates your existing knowledge of English


    You can also try to read news on or to know more about the outside commotions and whats happening around the world, this could improve your vocabulary a lot. At first, it might seem hard to follow the content and you might need to use a dictionary a lot to look up words that is unfamiliar, but believe me! It would get easier and this definitely would pay off! :D

    Source(s): me myself! hope this would help you:D
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    There is a site for daily people to people conversation between Boss and you on Recording.All explanations are in non-Chinese understandable translation; please.

    It's called babylon(translation)=Recording on Franatic definition by Babylon on TV fanatic.

    For Noun:-sth you hear noise=a high/low sound.You hear the sound of Boss outside office.

    He tried to make a deal by making a sound.

    You reach my ears Boss;can I help you ?

    The buz done was excellent.

    The impression you get of me from what I say on what I read is good (or lucky in buz.)

    I don't like the failure of buz; but I succeeded.

    You are near enough to hear sth like success within this office.

    For verb:-

    Giving impression:-

    I give a good impression when heard or talk about buz to customers.

    My explanation sounds reasonable to them.

    I don't sound as if I am hurting the company.

    Potential customers sound their horns to buy the cars in support.

    Agree a plan:-I agree to your suggestion and thinking,Boss.

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