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Remy Clip In Hair Extensions Care?

I just got 18" Remy clip in hair extensions a few weeks ago. I have only wore them maybe 5 times. I do not wear them everyday. I haven't used any product on them. I have curled them 3 times and used a hair straightener once. What do I need to do or not to do in order to keep them in good condition? How often should I wash them? Do I need to use heat protectant on them? Is it bad to just get them wet without washing them so i can leave them in braids over night? Anything else?

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    You can get special shampoo and deep conditioner for extensions, as well as a looped or wide-tooth comb to keep them in good shape. Treat them like you treat hair that is delicate, because they don't get the natural oils from your head. Don't use a regular brush on them when they are wet, use a wide tooth comb and brush them when they are dry. This means use a lower temperature heat setting on your curling iron and straightener. Coconut oil works great with extensions, but you should only apply a bit after you wash them while they are wet so that they don't get greasy too soon. Definitely use a heat protectant if you style them often. You can also use dry shampoo on extensions if they are too oily from treatments and look thin.

    You can usually get away with washing extensions every one or two weeks, depending on how often you wear them. Make sure you remove them at night, because clip-in extensions do put pressure on your hair, like wearing a ponytail holder, and can cause breakage, just like weave or glue-in extensions. I would probably suggest leaving the extensions in braids in a place where they can dry, and braid your natural hair, and then rebraid them the next day while they are in your hair, if you want braids. If you are looking for the nice waves braids leave, just flat iron your extensions with your natural hair in the braids the next morning and that will make sure that they match your hairs texture.

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    Your best bet is probably to make sure it is always brushed and not knotty. After using it several times, wash it

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    if you dont use them they will stay in perfect condition

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