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Best Ar 15? (for women)?

I want a simple one for fun target practice, no bells and whistles. Im partial to Smith and Wesson brand, but I am open to suggestions

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    AR15s are not generally gender specific (unless you want a pink one). The all are basically the same design.

    Smith and Wesson Sport is a good entry-level AR-15, if that is the brand that you want.

    Though I would encourage you also look the Spikes Tactical, CORE15, and Windham Weaponry (and others)

    EDIT: Armalite does also make good rifles, but don't put any weight into the name in associating it with the design of the firearm. Armalite sold the rights to the AR15 to Colt in 1959 and it was Colt that went on to further develop the M16 for the military and release the AR15 to the civilian market in the early 60s. It was also Colt that developed the M4 carbine, which is the pattern followed by most AR-15s on the market today. In the mean time the Armalite Company went out of business in 1980. The brand name went though a few owners and did not produce products again until the mid-90s.

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    A Smith and Wesson M&P 15 is a good and inexpensive .223 & 5.56 NATO Semi-Auto Rifle. So if it's for target I would do the M&P 15.

    Now if you want to go top of the line lets say. A Colt or Sig make some of the best AR's

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    You could check out Armalite rifles. Armalite was the original designer and manufacturer of the AR's but they sold out to Smith & Wesson years ago so, even those are made by Smith & Wesson now.

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    if you're in Canada you can pick up a norinco ar for under 6 bills.

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