How can I learn to eyebrow act as good as Leonardo Dicaprio?

Leo is an amazing eyebrow actor, he can perform dramatic scenes like this one from Django Unchained

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without even the slightest movement of the eyebrows he comes off extremely angry in this scene. This is something I've been trying to master but whenever I practice acting upset my eyebrows always tend to start moving. What techniques can I use in order to give off the mad impression but still not move the eyebrows much?


and of course I'm talking about 1:20 to the end(not when he hits the hammer)

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    try to watch movies

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  • Neal
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    6 years ago

    The “Eyebrow School” of acting originated in the 1950’s when Lee Strasberg held a forum entitled “The Eyebrow and the Method”. It caused a split among disciples of Stanislavski, especially for Stella Adler who instead advocated for “Nose Acting”.

    Both methods fell out of favor in the early 1970’s after Leonard Nimoy was accused of employing an “eyebrow double”. The movement went underground after that. There are only a handful of “Eyebrow Methodists” today. Their meetings are held in undisclosed locations and their secrets are closely guarded.

    Infiltrating the group may take years so, in the meantime, instead of concentrating on the mechanics of “Eyebrow Acting”, you may want to study just plain “Acting”.

    When you do that, your eyebrows, nose, lips, legs, and hips will follow whatever movements your character demands. If your character is mean and angry, your corrugator and orbicularis oculi muscles should naturally contract downward based upon the character analysis you so dutifully employed in your pre-work stages.

    In short, there isn’t any such thing as eyebrow acting. Eyebrows are only skin deep. In order to become a real actor, you need to go deeper than that.

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